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Do no waste money as i some time did - Try for free trial Ice age audio OFC series speaker cables and interconect before buying expensive stuff. You will be surprised like i was.  
FedEx - strange shipping progress (to UK)
Also my friend had the same experience ,  FedEx has strange routs and looks like that is normal for them.  
Speaker Cable
Try Duelund cable.  
Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
italian Zilgali QA series speakers outperform everithing i have heared so far - almost Wilson sound at 1/3 price.  
can you help me narrow my speaker cables short list please?
Try Ice age audio OFC speaker cables   -  giant killer.  
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
@pinwa  i have now 2 days my first Ice age audio FrankenCable  power cord on amp.  Incredible cable , from the start soudstage is fantastic. This is a true giant killer ,  that's why no one dares to compare them with expensive cables in tests.  
Ethernet cables
If you have a good system  it is worth investing in good cable. One of the best ethernet cables is  J cat Signature LAN Cable GOLD.  
You tube hifi influencers. Love them or hate them?
Most of them selling another cold day in hell.  
When feeding a DAC Hi-Res files, DSD128, 256, 512, PCM 32/768, etc are NOS DACs prefered?
@jim94025 tubes are not necessary if dac is very good , an example of a modern dac that always oversamples : some top possibility is APL hi fi dac or Playback design dac. I have good expirience with APL DSD AR dac - also PCM files sounds amazing.... 
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
I went from 87 db speakers to 94 db speakers. Much better sound at low volume and less power needed.  
Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
Before  buying anything try Ice age audio Franken cable  -  the giants killer.  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
@mdalton Zingali is old Italian brand speakers , always with horn twitter. There is a dealer in USA. My experieece : i am a little bit crazy on design ( yes , that is the matter of taste ). I have bought recently Zingali QA 3.8 speakers and the... 
Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
@christianb5s4  Is TWL Silver Statement good enough power cable for music computer ?  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
If you can , try Italian  Zingali speakers.  
Comparing Legacy Focus snd PS Audio FR20
Legacy for shure .