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From bryston to simaudio
Thanks twoleftears. Would you mind explaining what does 760a do better than 4B Cube?  
Brave man, McGowan...
I read Paul's post as the AQ PC is a superb product rather than taking anything away from P20. I have no reason to believe that someone like Paul has any other motives but trying to people what actually happened. The dragons are over my budget but... 
The quest for the right interconnect and speaker cables (Siltech)
If you didn't like 770i then you won't like 330i. Buy something else i would say. I found Siltech cables to be very fast,  smooth, and low noise cables. 
The sound of Siltech 550i XLR cable
If you have money for it then get it. I use them between my preamp and amp. Fantastic cables. Drops noise and increase signal so much that you hear it the moment you connect them. I really could not believe that a cable can improve sound so much. ... 
Let me know your choice please
Bryston cube series amps are really smooth and natural sounding imo. You can also look at used Hegel integrated amps. Simaudio is a good choice, i think they cost more than Bryston for smilarly priced amps. Cannot go wrong with either imo.  
Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1
Thank you gyoungblood. Your experience is helpful to know. I heard the pulsars, although they sounded good, but didn't wow me enough to open my wallet. I don't have dealers near by where i can audition the TADs, it looks like most everyone who hea... 
Pass Labs XA30.8
@audiotroy, Is Audio magic mini reference 2 conditioner much better than Audioquest Niagara 1000? I was also considering PS Audio P12 power generator? Which would be most effective to create that 3D effect? Thx!  
Siltech Cables - Among the best
I am using 550i xlr and 550L. I had the xlr first. Tremendous improvement was made. I just added the speaker cable, it too made profound impact just out of box. Once the cables fully burn in, they should sound even better.  
Pass Labs XA30.8
I have speaker spike feets from Herbie. They made noticeable improvement over the stock penny feets. I suppose Isoacoustics feets are better... but more money too.I use an Ikea TV furniture for now, why would amp blocks make any difference, does s... 
Simaudio 390 Network Streamer | DAC | Preamp
Sure, but good one box solution take lot of guess work out of it and don't need to buy additional cables.  
Pass Labs XA30.8
Elizabeth, that's an interesting point you mentioned about AC receptacles. My dealer has been telling me that I should replace my $1 receptacles with Audioquest Edison. Perhaps I should change that first and see what differences it makes to my sys... 
Pass Labs XA30.8
audiotroy2, Thanks for the suggestion. I have considered tube, and I owned lower end hybrid tube integrated amplifier previously. With my listening lifestyle, I think SS suits better. This is why I am considering the Pass amp because I read that i... 
Pass Labs XA30.8
Thanks Dpac996. Your response is certainly is encouraging and i am almost ready to pull the trigger.  
Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?
Simaudio moon 390.  
Simaudio 390 Network Streamer | DAC | Preamp
I owned the 390 for two month. It really is a fantastic kit. I am using it as all-in-one solution. So 390 and Bryston 4B3. That’s it. I had Chord Hugo 2 before and 390 is a better sounding DAC / preamp in my system. For 2 channel, I use the Mind 2...