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Advice Please - Where to Spend $3-400
I agree with Jiroth. IMHO a dac in your price range makes no sense. The MH CD-25 for around $350 used is a great musical bargain.Paul 
DIY help on Speakers Stands
HI Jeff,I made my own stands for my B&W 802 series 3 speakers as follows. I bought a 12"x15"x1" piece of maple butcher block at Menards (local Home Depot type). I bought 1/4" thick rolls of cork at Ben Franklin craft store. I glued the cork to... 
Interconnect under $200 new or used.....
I picked up some new Audioquest King Cobra's and I am very impressed with the air and sparkle, without soundign harsh. Similar to the older Python's for much less money. I think you can get them from Audio Advisor with a 30 day trial period if you... 
Audioquest gr8 or Colbolt cables?
Cobalt was a $25 a foot when new. It is a hyperlitz design that used a combination of functially perfect copper (FPC) and FPC-6 copper. The FPC-6 copper was AQ's best at the time. Cobalt was the next step up from the highly aclaimed Midnight. Gr8 ... 
Anybody knowledgeable re reconing drivers
Clueless,Try Bill at Audio Ventures in Waukesha Wi, 262-896-9000. Website is audioventures.com.He may be able to help you.Regards,Paul 
Joilda or Music Hall for Hybrid Amp?
I don't know if this is appropriate to do in this space, but I have a Music Hall CD-25 that I would sell you for $340 plus shipping. I am the original owner and it is in great shape. I mostly listen to radio so it has relatively light use in less ... 
'newer' Integrated Vs. 'older' Separates
For around $1500-1700, you could pick up a Musical Fidelity A3cr pre/power combination that is very good for the money, looks great and has remote. Sonics would be described as transparent with excellent sense of space and air. Neutral balance or ... 
Bi amping with Musical Fidelity A3cr
Thanks Ron, I have eliminated the y adaptor and hooked up the sub amp directly from the MF. Works fine.Paul 
Best cd player under $600 used for system
I have your pre/power amp combination and use a Music Hall MMF CD-25. I like it very much and cosmetically it matches the Musical Fidelity eq nicely. That said, you should also consider the Musical Fidelity A3CD player. It has a decent reputation ... 
Have you ever deceived your wife-audio purchase
You expect me to put this answer in writing!!!!! 
Good, warm, musical, under $500 used monitor
Spica TC-60's, usually $400-450 when available. 
Suggestions for a tube preamp
Hiflyer,I have had two of the preamps on your list, the Audio Research LS1 and the Conrad Johnson PV10a. I did not care for the ARC LS1 at all, very sterile sounding. I have not owned but also heard the ARC LS7 and did not care for it either. I gu... 
Has anyone heard the new Music Hall MMF CD25 ?
cph,I have had mine for 10 months now and not had any problems. I hope your fix is easy solves the problem.Paul 
Should I buy "NEW" spker technology or "OLD"??
Hi Jim,I have wondered the same thing with the B&W line. Is a 7 year old 802 series III at around $2000 a better buy than the newer CM series or the CDM 7 nt's? I agree with Twl that the technology is fairly mature with new designs more likely... 
What are best phono preamps under $500 ?
I currently use a CJ PV10A preamp with phono. I have considered upgrading the pre and keeping the CJ as the phono preamp. They are often availble for $600 on this site. Does any one use a PV10 as a phono preamp only?Paul