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Connecting a subwoofer
You can run your powered sub from the rca outputs on your dac. Run your XLR dac outputs to your power amp.  
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
Streamers make a difference in most systems. See if that’s true in yours. Purchase a streamer from amazon. Return it if it doesn’t help. If it does, consider if you’ve bought the correct streamer.  
DACed and Confused here...
I have the rme dac. You don’t need an upgraded external power supply. I connected a good one and there was no difference. The rme engineers talk about not needing one. I tried anyway. There are lots of options on the rme. You don’t need to play wi... 
Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?
Two subs. Try one in the front and one in the back to see if it makes a more 3 dimensional sound.   
New Pass Labs Go To
Selfishly, I hate to see Reno Hi-Fi go and no one taking over mark’s shop. He was a hands-on dealer who valued personal communication. He will be missed.  
About ready to give up on Roon and my streamer
IFi Neo streamer. Comes with a linear power supply and a converter that changes ethernet to optical. $1299. Get it on amazon, audition it, return it if dissatisfied. Use the digital outputs to go to your dac. Came out late 2022. It will automatica... 
Pls help me decide Pass Labs X250.8 or Luxman M900u
Fwiw. I run my pass 250.8 into my B&W 803 D3 and it is terrific on all accounts. I’ve not used the Luxman amp so I can’t compare the two amps.   
Can a system sound too Holographic?
You don’t need to spend $140k to achieve a holographic experience. And you don’t need a Dr. Choueri BACCH filters system. I am a big fan of a holographic experience. A previous version of my system created a wide, high sound stage with clear, loca... 
Goodbye Everyone
Op, best wishes. One last thought. Even though many have not responded directly to your comments, given the appreciation the members in this thread have shown, I suspect you’ve had more impact with people here than you know. You will be missed. Ca... 
REL high Level + Class D amp help pls !
You have 3 subs. Connect one to each of your front speaker terminals. You probably only need to connect the red and black wires or you’ll get too much bass. Tape up the yellow wire. For the third, put it in the back and connect it to the amp using... 
Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?
Cable discussions here tend to come down to beliefs. I believe a cable can improve the SQ. Or, I believe it can’t. But this issue is not about believing. Just listen and hear for yourself. No belief is required. Reshelving fees make us want to kno... 
Quobuz subscription
For me, Tidal was better than Amazon music. Then, I subscribed to Tidal and Qobuz at the same time. I A/B’d the two for at least a month. Qobuz was the consistent winner. But that’s on my system.  Unless you’re planning to stop by, you’ll want to ... 
To pricey
@blackbag20 thank you  
To pricey
1. Buy used.  2. I like the 803 D3. You may not. Others here express their love and dislike of b&w. They’re all correct. Now it’s your turn to decide.  
New Sugden mono blocks have arrived.
They look the part of power amps. Congrats! I hope they delight you for years. I’d love to hear your review, including how they sound different from your previous amps. Great looking system, btw.