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What glue for dust cap repair?
PIL comes in a caulk tube at Home Depot, that recommendation came from John Meyer at Newform Research, I repaired a scan-speak driver with it over 10 years ago end of story. 
Creating space between interconnects & keeping cables off the floor
Thank you! I truly mean OURS, she's the best, the only one in the house that likes the system more then her is Mr Black our cat, no joke!  Slaw, I hung the speaker cables 6-10 inches off the floor, 4-5 feetoff the floor for the rest. I will post p... 
Creating space between interconnects & keeping cables off the floor
Thought I would toss in my 2 cent opinion. One day the wife and I were listening, and I picked a power cord up, and she said hey what did you do? I picked up a power cord off a cable riser no less. I did it again, then she did it for me, I could n... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Hello all, I have been following this thread for the last 6 months.I have never liked power conditioning at all, voltage regulation only.5 weeks ago, I ordered a 2 pack for my system. I put one in the wall that supplies my regulator and one on my ... 
2 subs in a small room?
Thanks, she's been throwing up for almost 10 days, really nasty virus. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around as well, as I understand itsumming 2 inputs L + R into mono creates as phase shift which translates into signal smear if you will, I as... 
2 subs in a small room?
tbooe, sorry wife has that crappy flu been busy the last few days. In response to your first question, I am running mine 5' behind my mains offset in the center.As for the second question, my speakers are full range, I run the subs off a second se... 
Walker sst treatment
btstrg I sent you a pm 
2 subs in a small room?
I recently went from a single to stereo pair of subs, wanted to move more air, what I was not prepared for was the startling effect on midrange to high frequencies! More detail, wider stage, no joke it was jaw dropping. The explanation I found was... 
Seeking to soundproof front door to my apartment
check out a company called acoustic block, technology has dramatically improved! 
Gallo Classico Subwoofers
I hear you Tom on the crossover point, I like the crossover bypassswitch, allowing the addition of a external crossover, really flexible!When mine showed up, made sure they worked, then tore them down, 1gal of acousti x  sound coat for both subs, ... 
Gallo Classico Subwoofers
I bought a pair of the ClS 12's just after Thanksgiving you wont touch their performance for the money, not even on the used market. They are a basic transmission line, and perform great,very easy to integrate, and are seamless, fast and tight. No... 
Integrated amplifier for Sonus Faber Guarnery Evolution
There is a Sonus Faber integrated amp for sale right now on this site.I didn't know they made one, till I saw the ad really beautiful! I'll bet is sounds as good as it looks!  Congrats on your new speakers! I love all things Italian!  
Suspensions on turntable...really effective?
Sounds of Silence Nashua NH The Vibraplane, which is a lab grade microscope stand but no where near 10K.