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SME Tonearms of Canada - Alfred and Company that sell new and refurbish SME
i had one restored by SME.  They do a great job... i think a bit pricey but no one else specializes in vintage SME.  It's a great arm if you are restoring an awesome vintage table.  I used mine on a Thorens TD125 perfect match!  
Which headshell to use?
Yes, what banquo said. May I add, I have found that a $30 jelco can be the best choice for a particular cart while I use a $100 cherrywood Yamamoto with my Denon 103. I have an sme 3009 but have found that the sme headshell with holes all over is ... 
What is a Headshell and what does it do ?
You must set up each cart/headshell with a proper protractor (mint, geodesic, or various online printout), VTA, and tracking force. You will then be able to swap out cart/headshells with only a VTF & VTA adjustment ~ and sometimes with only a ... 
Vintage Thoren TD160 vs new turntables
True what Ray and bif say. But that ain't $600. More like $2000. Although I have seen the old well tempered used for about $1000. A new entry level rega, clear audio, music hall etc. will doubtfully produce any significant sonic upgrade to your td... 
Vintage Thoren TD160 vs new turntables
True dat...true dat boys. But I enjoy the process ~ especially after two weeks... finally gettin it right in the's like a whole new awsome upgrade for free. 
Vintage Thoren TD160 vs new turntables
I had a td166 that I'm sorry I sold. I had that same thought some years ago and bought an $1800 entry table. My $40 used TD 166 was much better sound. I have since sold the new and rebuilt and older 125. Now My current project is garrard 401. You ... 
REVIEW: Soundsmith Denon DL103
I haven't used a fancy protractor but this printable one from vaccum state produced the best sound for me so far: using the recommended points from their alignment guide~ 
Great tracker cart $100
Second the shure M97x. Plus you can upgrade w a jico sas stylus for some next level, way next level stereophonic awsomeness. 
REVIEW: Soundsmith Denon DL103
Actually your brass plate also adds some mass and that may be enough ~ but yes, I have heard that ~ Pierre at Mapleshade has a way different audio philosophy than most. And it may or may not work for you. ~ I have almost always found significant i... 
REVIEW: Soundsmith Denon DL103
Willie, Just peeped your system. Nice! Your tt and arm can do a bangin job! I suggest : a potted midas or ebony body and/or the Mapleshade tonearm resonance kit. 
Empire 598 tone arm cable
Morrow audio 
REVIEW: Soundsmith Denon DL103
Williwonka, Boron is not nessesarily better. Schick also does a saphire cantilever ~ saphire is the same material as ruby. corundum. Ruby just has a bit more trace iron and magnesium that gives it the pinkish color ~I opted for boron because it's ... 
REVIEW: Soundsmith Denon DL103
Btw ~ soundsmith has at least 5 or 6 103 versions. Which is yours? Line contact, wood body, ?I have a wood body with ruby line contact it was on par with vanden hul MC 10. I have another being modded by Thomas schick with a boron cantilever and mi... 
REVIEW: Soundsmith Denon DL103
Welcome to the club ! 
MC Step-ups made from Vintage Input Transformers
I am also interested to know if anyone has compared the old and new. I was using a bogen t-150 for my denon & vandenhul - sound was very good but I have no comparison in my own system. I have been learning that many forgotten vintage audio ~ a...