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My New Large Advents
I have always wondered why the "fried egg" tweeter was not used in other designs. I found it to be effortless and very listenable. 
how much did you ever spend on a cable?
Audio Note Lexus speaker cable 8ft pair $700.00 
Start over--HiFi rig ---clean slate
my main thought is to own speakers that are easy to drive so there are more choices of amps to drive them 
What's the greatest bargain in SET these days?
I used to own DeCapo speakers and thought they were under powered with my Audio Note Meishu 300B driven SET (8 wpc) a bit flat it was and the Meishu is known for being a robust 8 watts...I would stick with 20 to 30 watts imo. 
Best XLR IC's for around $300/pair?
try either of these from Take Five Audio,Neotech NEI-3001 Balanced, Furutech 602/601 XLRs, Cryo Treated or Mogami 2534 XX Series, Cryo Treated, Neutrik XX Series XLRI have both but with RCA ends, the Neotech is a bit full with solid bass and beaut... 
Bookshelf speakers $500 -$700
Cambridge Audio Aero 2 loudspeaker $549two way 6.5 woofer this offers the BMR mid/tweeter that goes down to 250 hz!I read some raves about it over at AA 
Bookshelf speakers $500 -$700
zd542 I hear you! those speakers look nice. I have just been cutting back on spending myself and the reviews of the Pioneer probably exaggerate. 
Bookshelf speakers $500 -$700
why not just buy these for $129.00?Pioneer SP-BS22-LR they get rave reviewshttp://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Speakers/Home+Theater+Speakers/SP-BS22-LRworth a listen 
Integrated amp recommendations with A/B speaker
Kimber 8TC beater?
in my experience Morrow IC (all three) had a huge soundstage maybe the speaker wire does tooall it cost to try them is shipping one way (if I remember correctly) 
Kimber 8TC beater?
Audioquest Type 4 is very goodalso (based on my Mogami ICs) I bet the 3104 recommended above is a good betI have owned 8TC and do not think it is that hard to beat for the price 
Best live albums from 1970's college days
Johnny Winter And LivealsoJ Geils Band Full Houserockers both of them! 
Most overrated audio manufacturers?
another: Krell 
Lost one channel of sound in new VAC Sigma 160i's?
also, try swapping fuses, looking at them is not always enough 
Most overrated audio manufacturers?
B&W imo