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Audioquest Storm Series power cables
Boxcar  Did same with Venom cords Same result  
UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread
Jerry Garcia Trey Anastasio   
Competitive class D amp suggestions
ps audio having a great sale on their m1200 monos now for month of may  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
I have PS Audio M1200's...really like them. switched from a A/B Rotel MKII i think it was...I find the M1200's more to my liking  
Keep Vintage or sell for new
Thx Sent an.email to Threshold as I believe they offer the same...never heard anything back  
Keep Vintage or sell for new
I've decided to try the PS Audio BHK pre for 30 days. They make it easy enough...if I don't like they will take it back. Thanks to all who responded   
Keep Vintage or sell for new
Yogi> Wow! "revered by critics the world over as one of the most natural sounding speakers ever built, may well be the most beloved speaker of all time." Wow once more    
Best Rock Drummers
Jon Fishman and it's not even close...  
Keep Vintage or sell for new
Thanks unsound and Bourne Appreciate you taking the time I think it's a great preamp...my mind wanders to what else might be out there...the Pass Labs and PSAUDIO are a chunk of change for me so your responses are quite helpful.  
Turn off or leave on?
Everything on...cept for my amp which has tubes...I put that in standby when not listening   
Keep Vintage or sell for new
Hey Mission Care to qualify your answer?    
Audio nonsense
The battery things on Audioquest coffee interconnects