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Avantgarde Zero 1-XD availability
No worries and that Coincident gear is beautiful looking as it is sounding.¬† 
Avantgarde Zero 1-XD availability
I have a brand new pair (white) of current fully active fully optioned version never removed from boxes. I have been selling all my other gear (Zanden, Luxman, Berkeley Ref, Raidho, Magnepan 20.7, etc) and was going to end up using these. ¬†Clear t... 
Luxman m800a
I own Zanden 3100 and 8120. And two M800a run in mono. Similar vibes - flow, strength, spaciousness, musical, dynamic, grip, finesse 
Where is the significant point of diminishing returns on hi-end turntable?
I owned the innovation wood and had my benz LP-S on it (graham phantom II tonearm). It is a really well built, isolated table with a great heavy platter on a great bearing. Speed stability is best in class. Not a fussy turntable. The Benz LP-S is ... 
Marantz and Stereophile?
Congrats on the Marantz gear. I am a fan. I dropped deep down the rabbit hole a few years ago -- purchased Magico, TAD, and other speakers, flagship amps from Constellation/Hegel/CJ/VAC/Air Tight/etc, three turntables and multiple cartridges, craz... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
I think the answer is system dependent to a degree especially the speakers that are being used. I love my Magico S5 speakers and have owned many amps the last few years:- CJ Premier 350- Hegel H30- VAC 300.1a and 450S- Constellation Centaur- Air T... 
Sony SCD-XA5400ES-Best SACD for under $10,000
Old thread but I listened to my Modwright 5400 this weekend. Compared to my Spiral Groove + Goldfinger Statement / AMG v12 + Benz LP-S into ARC Ref 2se....the Modwright held its own. Not as much detail as the Chord Hugo or the Goldfinger Statement... 
Best Computer Speakers
I love my Audience 1+1 speakers. 
Stereo Amp To Match With Magico V3s
I would look for a used Hegel H30 
Most Honest Audio Magazine?
Used to be especially absolute sound but in the last decade most just cater to those who advertise or who allow reviewers to keep their gear for extended periods. I do agree with Alan Sircom (hi-fi mag UK) - his observations on equipment I own is ... 
Can't decide on Integrated Amp - Please Help
Hegel would be my choice. I also have a sim audio 5.3se I am not using if you want to buy that. 
Bias current and plate voltage for Air Tight ATM2?
Very helpful. 
Brinkmann/Spiral Groove/TW Acustic Black Night...?
Happy owner of SG 1.1 and centroid. And Mr. Perkins is a wonderful human being. Very customer focused and goes the extra mile to make sure Spiral Groove owners are happy and taken care of. This means a lot to me. When buying an expensive turntable... 
Spiral Groove 1.1 or 2 tables
I own a Spiral Groove SG 1.1 and an AMG V12, and a Clearaudio Innovation Wood (yes, I have an addiction to turntables). The SG 1.1 is the highest performing of the bunch as far as resolution, noise floor, etc. I am running a Goldfinger Statement c... 
Audio Note Japan AN-S7 MKII Silvered Former
Where can I buy a ksl-sfz for $2500?