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Right angle IEC power cable
Really difficult to find one. G. Cardas helped me and recommended me Schurter -electronic components company-. I am going to write them asking for these kind of connectors. 
What new amp for my Merlins
Bobby, Brf is right, I live in Spain. As contributing editor of Hifilive eMagazine I have had the Gran Filarmonia one month and I was very satisfied with his sonic results in my system.The main reason of my post was I would like get some feedback ... 
What new amp for my Merlins
I have been enjoying the new Gran Filarmonia (60w) last month with my speakers and sounds pretty good...Has anybody some feedback from this integrated? 
Devore Fidelity Silverback Reference.
Fjn04, I obviously did direct comparations between the new Orangutan and Silverbacks. They sound totally different and follow different sound ways. At this point I must admit that you can get the best sound from O/96 with less power than the Silve... 
If you like music Apo, if you like sound BW 
Devore Fidelity Silverback Reference.
Without any kind of doubt Silverbacks are the best speakers John Devore has manufactured.Rich, powerful, dynamic and BIG/small (chamaleonic) sound. The bad new is this is an old model and probably will be replaced in few time.You can buy them with... 
Seeking opinions on Clearaudio vs. SOTA tables
Both tables are absolutely amazing.As Clearaudio owner I can advice you about the good flutter / wow meditions and s/n ratio of these pieces of gear. In the Innovation you also have rpm adjust. I still didn't check values in Sota tables but the va... 
Kuzma Four Point compared to SME V-12 tonearm
Ps68, We just upload my review of the new Thales pick up and turntable on Hifilive. Check it!!! 
Merlin VSM-M and Bass
Ok, thanks for your inputs. I was worried about some relation between midbass hump and bam.I will advice mi friend to take some room meditions...I insist, Merlins are one of the best out there... Thanks Bobby 
Merlin VSM-M and Bass
Maybe there is a relation between Bam and bass hump... Could you explain shortly about frequency response differences between these two options?Thanks for your inputs 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
Mark Levinson warm? I don't understand it...My vote for KRELL 
Merlin VSM-M and Bass
Oh, excuse me...:-("Imho VSMs sound is not as coherent as TSMs. I usually hear some midebass hump in VSMs removing deep bass from the audition..."The only thing I can say about this fact is that I always have heard VSMs with BAMM activated and I a... 
Merlin VSM-M and Bass
I heard TSMs and VSMs in numerous systems. Imho VSMs sound is not as coherent as VSMs. I usually hear some midebass hump in VSMs removing deep bass from the auditionTSMs are imho one of the most revealing compact speakers I have heard. Congrats Bo... 
Lyra Delos
Without any kind of doubt Delos is a much better mc cartridge against Glider.New Lyras have same analytic sonic character as old one (eg Helikon) BUT from the warmth side.Anyway imho Glider sound is only good in mids (very good), the far from mids... 
Room Acoustics and Speaker interaction.
When I study about where to situate a pair of speakers I usually take some meditions:1- find best frequency bass response (<200hz) in the room. You can play with speakers position AND sweet spot position2- try to adequate the room reverberation...