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good record store in NYC
Academy Music on 18th between 5th and 6th 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Try this: a friend went home and plunked down the Harley Davidson catalog with some super chromed and piped motorbike and announced to his wife "I'm having a mid-life crisis.....it's the Harley or another woman.....CHOOSE."FINE PRINT:In the fairne... 
Anyone using attenuators with mac mc275?
I had asked McIntosh about doing that and was told not to - you can but at lower volume levels it's going to sound bad - and distort and it does. I just bought the C2200 preamp which arrives today. 
B & W speaker upgrade suggestions
Look at the Linbrooks from TylerAcooustics. And you can have any finish you want including every type of burl nature offers. I just ordered a pair of his Super Towers for a little less than 5K with shipping. 
I'm FINALLY finished: new 2-channel system
Thanks for the responses. I wish I could keep both but I don't have the space for the receiver and speakers. I already changed my DVD player settings to 2-channel to "train" myself and find that I'm not missing much. Anyway, the C2200 arrives tomo... 
Upgrade pre-amp to C2200 or speakers?
Thanks folks. I've come to the unhappy conclusion that because of space and cost, I cannot keep both HT and a great 2-channel so I sacrificed HT in favor of doing 2-channel system. I'm selling off the HT and speakers and getting both the C2200 and... 
More newbie tube questions
Yes, it's just the tubes not the socket. And it's coming from 2 of the small output tubes not the KT88s. I guess that's alright then. One problem solved. Now I have a crackling/popping in one speaker issue (same amp - maybe it's a lemon?) that cro... 
More newbie tube questions
Almost 6 days for the left and 4 days old for the right. They are brand new. 
More newbie tube questions
Hi Herman,No, it was the other amp that blew the fuse and I know why it did that. I think it may only be the small output tubes and the reflection makes one of the KT88 look like it's flashing as well. It's frankly very hard to see through the tub... 
Calling all MC275 MK IV owners..............
More tube questions............just received my "back up" set of output tubes. 8 Winged C KT88 tubes. 6 of them have a bias of 45 and 2 have a bias of 44. According to the McIntosh literature, the MC275 is self-biasing. Since I have NO IDEA what A... 
Best pre for MC275 amp
How about one of those Supratek's? There is no dealer but I hear that they are really nice even for CDs although their strength seems to be in the phono stage. 
what's the best pre-amp for Mcintosh MC275?
I've narrowed my choices to a VAC Standard or a C-2200. The C22 does not have a remote and no Home Theatre pass thru. 
Best pre for MC275 amp
Thank for the heads up. I'll follow your advice - for what these things cost, it better live a long and happy life :0) 
Best pre for MC275 amp
I'm in the same boat as you. Just installed 2 of these into my system and now I'm shopping for a pre-amp. Based on some extensive listening, I would rank my choices (to date) as follows:VAC RenaissanceVAC StandardC2200VTL5.5The issue with VAC is t... 
Downsized and still happy, can it happen?
I used to run the Krell HTS Pre/Pro into a Krell KAV-1500 5 channel amp. Since I live in a small NYC apartment, I decided that it was just too much stuff so I downsized to the McIntosh MHT-200. Between selling offf the equipment and all the expens...