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Paradigm or Energy?????
Energy and Paradigm use research data from some big Canadian audio research lab (can't remember the name). The two are very similiar, just voiced a little differently. Paradigm manufactures their own drivers; not sure about Energy. Just auditioned... 
A Little Hypocrisy?
Hey, did anybody read an article is Stereophile a few months ago where record companies wanted charge everybody that has an internet connection like $17.00 to make up for lost sales due to piracy? In addition, the wanted to charge every consumer l... 
A Little Hypocrisy?
Phild,I have a friend that sells cd,s over the internet. He has a few catalogs that are like 1" thick. Occasionally, I go throught them and pick out 20 to 30 disc. Granted, the big megastars latest releases are usually in the $7-9 range. However, ... 
A Little Hypocrisy?
I purchase CD's directly from a distributer. My cost: $5 to $6 per disc. It's not the record companies marking up the disc it's the retail outlet. Circuit City sells CD's for $9.99 and they are making a 100% profit. So, when you go into a store to... 
Best transport for USD500
EAD w/stable platter. 
What's your favorite speaker finish?
Fingered Bubinga. 
What's the funniest or dumbest thing you did?
I once watched a friend of mine run the outputs of an Aragon 4004MII into the inputs on a Rotel pre-amp. Whenhe turned the amp an it fried the Rotel. I mean flames came out the top of the unit. Now, I know that your all just thinking that that was... 
Audio as a hobby
I have audio systems in just about every room in the house including my woodshop. Most of the time I listen passively. Don't get me wrong; I do the turn out the lights and listen seriously bit occasionally. But, for the most part I listen while cl... 
What pets hang out with Audiophiles?
3 Pugs - Lenny, Cleo, and Isabella. I think they enjoy the comfy sofa more than the music. 
AC Power cords, which components 1st...?
Check out the cables from Virtual Dynamics on Audiogon. $75 for a 6ft cryoed p/c. Just purchased one for myself and it's incredible. Spoke to Rick at VD and he said they are having a big sale to get some product recognition. 
Latest SACD News - Very Interesting.
Let me get this straight. Universal/Sony is going to produce all SACD's with only on pressing plant. Doesn't sound like they have the capacity to produce very many disc. And, in the mean time they are going to screw all those consumers with standa... 
How can I solve the harshness of my system's sound
Replace the Hafler pre-their are the worst. 
Speakers Needed: Audiophile Taste - Low Budget
How about B&W DM303's and the LCR center. You can pick up all three of these speakers for Under $700 new from an authorized dealer! Dollar for dollar I think these speakers have the most accurate mids and highs on the market. I own a pair of B... 
help guy backs out of a sale after m.o. is iss
Make sure you leave negative feedback. You do have a binding contract with the seller if you agreed on a price and if you had the funds and desire you could take him/her to court and make him honor the deal. Three parts to a contract- an offer, an...