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Why buy a DAC when you have a high end pre/pro?
Bmdduck: Your thinking is perfectly logical. Putting your Pre/Pro to the test first seems to be the best first step. One can always add a DAC (and more money) if the pre/pro is not living up to the listeners expectations. I certainly don't mean to... 
Why buy a DAC when you have a high end pre/pro?
Kjweisner: No Problem - I got it now! We are on the same page. 
Why buy a DAC when you have a high end pre/pro?
Audioengr: I took the time to read a review on your Proceed AVP (it was very complimentary) and one of the highly touted features was the internal DACs so I have to imagine that your external DAC must be really special.I did start using my CDP as ... 
Why buy a DAC when you have a high end pre/pro?
Kjweisner: But I'm suggesting that this a DAC transfer. It comes digital out from the PC or Mac and into the Digital "in" of the processor. The Processor, in turn, does the DAC work and gives the speakers an analog feed. Maybe I'm just not underst... 
Windows PC to USB DAC. How do you do it ?
If you are using a good high-end pre/pro you can get a signal adapter (Trends Audio UD 10 USB 1.1) (Cyro-Parts USB 2.0 to SPDIF converter) and let your processor do the DAC work. (You will be going in and out of the adapter in digital). Most inter... 
Anyone using the Trends Audio UD-10 Converter?
Thank you Zero-one! The reviewers make similar comments. The only thing that I was concerned about (still) was that it runs on a 1.1 USB vs. the newer 2.0 but apparently that is not an issue. You are an actual testimony so I am more encouraged. 
Computer output to DAC, which route?
Thanks for that input Thesauce! I am just now looking at the UD-10 as the interface between my laptop and the main system. My only concern is that the UD-10 is not a 2.0 USB. Maybe that's not an issue?? I'm having the laptop modified to handle my ... 
Windows PC to USB DAC. How do you do it ?
If what you all are saying then, if I want to go directly from my library in WMP to my pre/pro, all that is required is the USB port in the laptop and a corresponding port in the pre/pro. The pre/pro can do the dac work and play it through my "sys... 
Need Speakers at least 4 feet high
Yea, but the marriage counselling is more fun to read and a lot of laughs . . . I agree with whoever said to move to the man cave and give her back the she cave. I just got WAF on a pair of Maggie 20.1s so I'm happy! 
Where are the female Audiophiles?
It's amazing how many other things my wife can find to do when I'm trying to explain why an external DAC is essential. Merry Christmas to all! 
Bypassing a PC Sound card
Thank you Rives! I have been considering the PS Audio Digital Link III for a DAC since it has XLR balanced "outs" and I did look at the Creative Sound Cards as you suggest - they come highly rated but I agree with your assertion that a high qualit... 
Internet Music Vs. CDs
Sufentanil Thanks for the tip on magnatune and the input that you provided. I'm suprised that others haven't voiced an opinion. 
Advice on Setting Up A Laptop-Based Audio System?
Sufentanil: Can you store the music coming from internet radio in your library or is it for "listening only" and cannot be retained in storage? Your system does sound pretty slick. Puerto 
Advice on Setting Up A Laptop-Based Audio System?
Regalmal: Can you capture and store music from the Squeeze Box transmissions directly into your music library or is it for "listening only"? Couldn't quite tell from the ads. Maybe that is a function of the software that you install. Perhaps the m... 
Advice on Setting Up A Laptop-Based Audio System?
Got it! Thank you both (Regalmal and Sufentanil). I've learned a lot from these threads but sometimes they get heavy into the techno-talk and I'm left behind! Your simple explanations were useable and appreciated! Puerto