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Krell HTS 7.1 Remote
My remote for the HTS7.1 was damaged but since I had bought the unit from a certified dealer, Krell sent me a new one for free. Otherwise I think it would have cost $50. I don't think you can do all the set up from the front panel. At least I coul... 
Which amp to Bi-amp my Maggie 20.1
I agree with Rodman99999 - Use the larger amp for the mid and tweeter ranges. I recently read an article (wish I could remember where) that said that contrary to popular notion, the larger amp should be used to drive the upper ranges. I recently g... 
Pictures, More Pictures
Macrojack: It is what it is!! 
Pictures, More Pictures
I agree with Tvad - what can it hurt? You can argue the point til the cows come home but if photos make the buyer more comfortable with buying your product - why not? It's not like it cost a bundle to provide them. A small price to pay to get the ... 
Power Conditioners?
I use an APC for my system located in Mexico - the worst possible scenario for steady power! It has never failed me. I do, however, turn off the dedicated breakers at night. Why take chances!! 
Krell HTS 7.1 Problem
Mgattmch: I had a similar problem with my HTS 7.1. The left channel kept disappearing and I would have to power down and leave it unplugged for awhile before putting it back on line. Eventually that didn't help either and I had to send it into Kre... 
Best recording of "Fanfare for the Common Man"?
Joan Tower does a good job of that on "American Album". On the same album is "Aaron Copeland for Brass". I enjoy both of them. 
An amazing story about the history of recordings
Frogman: Thanks a million for sharing that with us. What an incredibly interesting narrative. 
Has anyone lost their best friend?
Kmulkey: Get the Boxer! Salsa is our second one - I alluded to the loss of our first one (Phoebe) above. Talk about a family member!! The hard part is what Dapom is experiencing today and it comes for all of us sooner or later. 
Has anyone lost their best friend?
Likewise we have experienced a similar loss. It was as if I lost one of my children - that was 7 years ago and I still get tears! It is my belief that they will all be waiting for us on the other-side when our turn comes!! Ours stuck around the ho... 
Great systems in butt-ugly rooms
CWlondon: Yes, I am in the "looks matter" camp. HST, if it came down to either/or . . I would take the equipment. I am fortunate to have both the room and the equipment.And, yes Shadorne, I agree with you also.I am fussy and as any fussy person kn... 
Great systems in butt-ugly rooms
Fussy people like fussy. Fussy is fun for fussy people.Fussy is not fun for non-fussy people. There, I guess that about covers all of it! 
Great systems in butt-ugly rooms
Lest there be no confusion here - it is first and foremost about the music but when it is possible to enhance the music with "designer surroundings" (whatever that conjures up in your mind) it is a double whammy benefit. Can't afford the fancy roo... 
Great systems in butt-ugly rooms
I agree with those that see the room and the equipment as a total package!! I love my equipment but I also love the ambience of the room. Since my wife was in on the room design, everybody has something to cheer about. Late at night, with the ligh... 
Has anybody used Krell HTS7.1 entirely as 2 CH pre
Sstalwar: I currently use the HTS7.1 as a two channel (sometimes 4 channel if you include the center and sub)pre/pro. It works flawlessly for me and redirects channel input as required. Programming it is easy, even for me. I drive Maggie 20.1s wit...