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Pass Labs Speaker Choices
Some very nice match ups. The overall impressions of the XA25 continue to be great. Saw a post of a guy running the Jubilee's with a pair of XA25's, wow! I might have missed one, but no B&W? Had an X250.5 powering B&W 804's in a very well ... 
The revolution has begun!
Arguing an unproven philosophy with many highly experienced music lovers and audiophiles is not a road to success I’m afraid. Different strokes for.... well maybe even a secondary system? I am posting this from Ralph’s website for a couple reaso... 
Power cords or power conditioner
@wheelndeal1099 Could you please reveal your source for "All power cables are DYI using Oyaide Tsunami V2 cable." I have been unable to source it in the USA. Thanks!  
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
I am experiencing a like problem. In my case the "listener fatigue" symptom came on like flipping a switch. No changes to my rig. Fingers are crossed I have had a E/N/T infection that became worse, so it is to the Audiologist for me as soon as I ... 
Best Dedicated Streamer
After being bitten by the streaming bug I purchased a Node as almost everyone does. While I don't have the budget for the higher end brands nor way up a specific brands line-up's. So I purchased what I could afford, a Lumin U1 Mini (U2 Mini is no... 
Power cords or power conditioner
Thanks OP for the post. Good luck with your future mods. Yes, intergraded are in no man land for conditioning as all amps go directly to the wall. Nelson Pass is at the top of my audio hero's and not only doesn't endorse any cable manufacturers, ... 
Ideal power cord lengths?
PS: Even Audioquest does not ship their Niagara Power Conditioners with a power cord (nor Denafrips). From their website: Niagara Noise-Dissipation Systems do not ship with an AC cable. Why? The cable that feeds any power product is the most im... 
Ideal power cord lengths?
Great thread and info! Since I DIY my PC's, just ordered new bulk. I will use existing Wattgate connectors to test before converting each cable to a new length. It's as good a time as any to order a couple different brands of bulk to try. Checked... 
Anyone else feel like it’s the Wild Wild West?
Good thread and many good comments. Has it really been 40 years since they were debating DAT vs. CD as the "New" music selling medium? I've owned a Node and a Lumin... Lumin by far. I've owned a Denafrips Iris DDC... Prior to the Lumin worth eve... 
Best Rock Drummers
At 60 years old, and on another world tour... Danny Carey is untouchable. Bill Bruford was his mentor and used to perform clinics with Carl Palmer.    
Pass INT-25 better than Wilsenton R8?
Why no love for the R800i?    
Competitive class D amp suggestions
Jeff Rowland Model 125. A friend just purchased a pair for his Maggie's and loves them.  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. May I have your opinions on Tektons? @Millercarbon is an advocate, but certainly not just for looks. I am personally drawn to high end Magico's, Dynaudios, I would say B&W (owned 5 pair), but even with th... 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
Maybe, just maybe your excellent amp needs a tune up. The .8 series is 8 or 9 years old, the .5's obviously older. Nelson is as good as they get. I would still have my 250.5 if I had room. 
Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?
My personal Best Alternative Metal album for 2021..... ERRA (Self Title.)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMlHYe2FsD0