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Song intros that really grab you? ?
Hotel California either version (original from 1976 or Hell Freezes Over from 1994)- Anticipation followed by rush of Adrenalin.Smoke on the water - Deep Purple 
What kind of power wakes up electrostatic speakers
Yesterday I was at the friends place as he invited me to listen to his new find. I was surprised to see a vintage Sansui Au-111 tube amp which was glowing and driving the CLS in a way which was shocking. This combination was so far the best we cam... 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
Can you imagine the amount of time and hard work that audiophiles put into ,listening, tweaking, auditioning, selecting, upgrading, comparing and start all over again? If we had spent that much time trying to make money we all would be much richer... 
Which CD's for Imaging/Soundstage?
Mikejazz,I forgot to include the CD Companion in my list, I think it is an excellent example. From the CD I gather it was a very intimate sourrounding and there could be no more than 50 folks around during the session. Is it right? 
Best Component Ever, for the money
For a large Room Maggies (They sound like large LS3/5a's)For a small room LS3/5a's (They sound like baby planars)When I saw this thread I had few components in mind and finally decided to rate the two above for specific use.I have a NAD 3225PE whi... 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Once I came across a cartoon in which cop was questioning an old fat lady seated on a chair "Lady we have tweeters that can make you talk" I bet the speakers in question was a 901 from Bose!Second place goes to Wilson CUB, sheer waste of money! 
What kind of power wakes up electrostatic speakers
A friend of mine recently was trying to upgrade the amplifier to drive his Martin Logan CLS speakers, he was driving them with a Quad 606 (original version) and it was sort of managing OK. He was really looking for a substantial upgrade and he tri... 
Monitor selection
MMG's are supposed to be very good when it comes to midrange quality, I am not sure why you did not like them. Can you not listen to any of the speakers and decide which suits you best? This would be the best option.My or as matter of fact anyones... 
What's the most important speaker attribute...and
Midrange, if it ain't right nothing can possibly be.I use the LS3/5a's on the side along with another full range speaker and for the price and size it would be very hard to beat. It is a good speaker to use for reference to evaluate other speakers... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
My vote goes to LS3/5a's. I have the Chartwell 15 Ohm version in Rosewood. My son (now 13) will inherit it! He was thrilled when he heard it first time.