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Unable to post for sale ad for music
’gon support got it settled.Apparently, if there’s a link in description it doesn’t work unless they approve it.And in case you're interested, I'm selling my SACD collection: 28 albums / 30 discs. 
Best Ethernet player
I've been researching this myself. Haven't heard anything yet, but here are a few options I've found:Linn Majik DS 1http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Linn-Majik-DS-I-ReviewCambridge Audio NP 30http://opensourceaudiophile.com/?p=477Ref to S... 
Anyone using a USB DSD DAC?
Recording with a Korg MR1000, you can create DSD disks with Korg AudioGate software that will play back on the Sony 5400es and PlayStation. 
Anyone using a USB DSD DAC?
>> I have over 100 SACDs, and they're not all hybrids, and I still don't have a viable solution for getting them into my computer.You can record them via PCM at hi-rez -- sounds great. I've done this with my Korg MR1000. Not DSD, but still b... 
South Florida Audio Forum
Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for the meeting post. 
South Florida Audio Forum
When's the next meeting -- and how'd the 1st go? 
sweetest sounding ss integrated
I wouldn't call the Lavardin sweet. I would call it the best integrated I've ever heard. Squeeky clean and neutral. 
Are Digitally mastered LPs any better than CDs?
>> 09-01-08: Mothra>> don't be too sure vinyl is hi-rez. Much of it is not, call some pressing plants and see what they usually get, you will find a lot of vinyl comes right from a cd master at 44.1.It'd be great if there was a way to ... 
Are Digitally mastered LPs any better than CDs?
I read somewhere that good engineers never downconvert high-rez digital masters directly to 16/44. What they do is record the high-rez master to analog tape 1st, then transfer the tape to 16/44, eliminating distortions that occur during downsampli... 
Rega P25-best upgrade
Is it worth it to do these upgrades to a P1? I quite like the table and think I'd start with the groovetracer acrylic platter. 
Rhode Island stereo shops
>> I think they still exist, now on Park Ave in CranstonMy bad. Saw an audioasylum post saying they shut down at the end of 2005.http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=mgeneral&n=74689&highlight=ocean+state+audio+closing+down&... 
Rhode Island stereo shops
>> To bad about Providence not having a hi-end shop,my very first encounter with high-end gear happened to be a shop in Providence called Ocean State Audio back in the mid 80's,I think they still exist, now on Park Ave in Cranston (within th... 
Burr Brown vs. Wolfson dacs.....
Speaking of Wolfsons...anyone heard the new Onkyo, Interga universals which use Wolfsons?I'm patiently waiting for reviews. 
SimAudio Moon Orbiter Universal Player
In my opinion it's very expensive :-)But I would like to know what other's think. 
SACD - Dying already?
>> Uh oh, Radknee...the SACD crowd will put a contract on you I support SACD, own an SACD player, and buy SACDs :-)>>everything she played sounded harsh with no bass to speak ofLike I said, Apple's AAC files are almost indistinguishabl...