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Turntables: 2 Tonearms. What do you Have or Know About?
Sorry for the "off topic" but, how do you keep all those little corners clean? With a small brush? a small vacuum cleaner? 🤔  
Video: noise floor and tweeter hiss, what do you think?
Thank you, 😁  
Video: noise floor and tweeter hiss, what do you think?
Hello Robert! I have a Nagra Classic pre, a Essence amp, high sensitivity speakers and I have hiss too :). Of course I have more hiss if I turn on the 12db gais switch of the Nagra XD. Did you fix your hiss? thanks!!!  
Decisive moments your your audio journey
The first time I've heard tubes with horns!  
Top brands pairing
Thanks, Jason Bourne ;) I can't right now, but when I save money for hifi, I like to "focus" on some equipment.   
For SACD fans only
Hi! I had a similar question and finally I decided on the Esoteric K03XD and I couldn’t be happier.I was also able to try a master clock and where the improvement was most noticeable were with the SACD disks. 
New Streamer Transport
If you find an used/demo Lumin U1, as I do, you will be very happy. 
Esoteric Master Clock
After the home demo:The clock effect is still evident, but less so than with 05XS. It may be because of my player which is more modern (03XD) or because I don't have a dedicated room like the store where I tested it.I think the g02x is a 2018 prod... 
Esoteric Master Clock
Not yet! I'm reading a lot about Cybershaft clocks.  
Esoteric Master Clock
"is it better to extract 100% of a ‘lesser’ player or enjoy 75% of a better one?" Good point... Esoteric k03XD + clock, or K01XD alone? 
Esoteric Master Clock
I have listened to the clock with the 07XS and with the N-05. From what I've heard, the clock is more noticeable with a player than with a streamer. I tried a classical SACD (Holst, The Planets) and the improvement with a large orchestra and with ... 
Esoteric Master Clock
Hi Martin! I have an Esoteric too, K-03XD. I'm considering to add the same clock as you. Tomorrow I'll hear a demo in a shop between K-07XS and the G-02X clock. I will tell you :) 
Amp advise :)
Thanks!!! :))) 
Amp advise :)
Forte III. 
unbeatable Class A integrated
Thank you all! I'm learning a lot and I ask myself new questions ... Maybe with that budget I could give up the integrated one, and bet on AMP + PRE.A First Watt amplifier (or some SIT1 if I find them used), some Valvet A4 MKII monoblocks (5K in E...