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Cary sli-80 power cord
I have an Audience in my SLI-80 and first thing I noticed is that it opens up the sound. 
Apple TV vs Squeezebox touch
I am currently having the Touch directly connected to my integrated amp. It sounds awesome. 
Morrow MA4 Vs JPS SC3?
I pick clear day over morrow. Clear day gives more life size presentation. 
Morrow MA4 Vs JPS SC3?
I have both morrow sp4 and Clear Day double shotgun. Morrow has better bass but Clear day has better soundstage and more lively in my system. 
Would adding a Dac improve the sound for my setup?
I just replace my signalcable with My Audio Cable Paradise power cord costing only $200 which connects wall to the conditioner for my cd player. The improvement is immediate and I'm sure a better conditioner will improve the soundstage. Having sai... 
Would adding a Dac improve the sound for my setup?
Ok then I'll give priority to room treatment. Unfortunately I can only treat the front wall behind the speakers, because this is in our master bedroom. My wife doesn't want to see too many things. I'll put a artistic panel behind each speaker and ... 
Would adding a Dac improve the sound for my setup?
Thanks everyone for the comment.Ckoffend, it is exactly what you described. Large scale or complicated music would diminish soundstage while small scale is great. 
The OFFICAL Apple TV thread
Just some thought.I have an ATV2 and in the process of ordering a DAC. I'm streaming music from ATV2 through Airport Extreme from Macbook Pro and have two thoughts.1) Does wifi signal affect sound quality? (for example 802.11a/b/g/n)2) I'm thinkin... 
New Rega DAC
I'm curious about this ATV + DAC combo. I have a ATV 2 and planning to purchase either Benchmark DAC or Rega DAC which are carried from my closeby dealer. Please report your findings on sound quality. 
"upgrade" from Cary SLI 80 F1 edition
I have a sli-80 and send it to a technician in Toronto for upgrade. He upgraded a few cap to mundorf and the sound opens up. 
how to break in my cd player
I thought like I have to leave the pre amp on but since mine is an integrated amp that's why I ask if there's difference. Thanks Mark. 
Which speakers have the biggest soundstage
woow thx everyone for your suggestions. There're quite a lot of speakers I gotta try!!Unfortunately I wouldn't add any room treatment nor replace any other equipments except my speakers. How about the Zu Essence and Tyler acoustic D3 or acoustic z... 
Reference 3a Dulcet upgrades
Sherod, do you ever considered adding a sub with the Dulcet? 
Reference 3a Dulcet upgrades
This is really a good news, thanks for sharing this to us.I'm gonna contact the company for this upgrade.BTW, what instruments do you use with the speakers? 
Suggestion on speakers for Bel Canto s300iu
Thank you for all of your responses. I will try to audition those speakers.