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My PerfectWave dac is working!
I have a lot of equipment that I purchased from PS A and always had fantastic CS. Even on a DAC that I was not the original owner and out of warranty         
What Gear Has Disappointed You?
Mine was the Top of the Line Marantz AV unit a few years back one side stopped working I called the 800 number had it less than a year never received a callback. A year later I gave a one-star review on Amazon and got a call from a Marantz VP cou... 
Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10
Thank you for your honest response   
Which preamp to go with pass labs x150.8
I have a PS Audio BHK pre amp that I sometimes use with my  X250 and some times I use my BHK 250 amp both sound fantastic the tubs in the BHK sound a little warmer to my ears when I am listening to Jazz, All so in my opinion both of these companie... 
Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10
How does the N10 and N200 compare to the Hi Fi Rose  
Ultrasonic record cleaners
One of the best reasons to purchase a degitter is that it has a filter that cleans the water every cleaning cycle. Most other cleaners once you clean the first record the dirty water is returned to the water tank  
What is your record cleaning regimen?
I just purchased a Degritter a few weeks ago and it cleans very well one problem periodically when I put a record in the slot nothing happens I have to reset the record in the slot sometimes more than once before it will start up. The issue for me... 
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
Lux and Pass are both great I have Pass Labs myself leave them on 24/7 when I am home.  
Upgrading from Primaluna
I own a PS Audio 250 amp and matching pre amp and I am very happy with the sound. My speakers are floor standing SF  
amplifier longevity
Mc 240 vs. Prima Luna
Don’t think the Mac has the build quality of the PL also you see a ton of Mac gear for sale every day PL not so much. This would indicate to me the people who buy PL stay with them and the Mac people move on to something else. I don’t agree with t... 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
I have read that having a McIntosh repaired can be a crap shoot. Sometimes it will come back with shoddy work being done depending on who benched it. But to be fair that could happen with other brands. I also think that when a brand is purchased b... 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Kent English at Pass Labs Just about anyone at PS Audio. I purchased the first generation DAC used had to be over 10 years of age.Could not get an update to download even after spending an hour on the phone with a PS Audio techHe then sent me the ... 
Power regenerator vs conditioner
Does Millercarbon own a PS Audio Power Plant 20 or is he relying on what he has read? I do own one and it made a huge difference in my system. I had a Niagara 5000 first and My ears liked the PP 20 better.If you do want to read an article my I sug... 
Disappointment with Pass Labs - I'm looking for something else
I have Pass Labs X250 the Olympia 3 love the setup.If you are sure you want to keep your speakers you might try Prema Luna tube amps great sound that outperforms most tub amps a 3x the price.You might try also calling Pass Labs directly and asking...