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B&W vs. Sonus Faber
Are the B&W 803 ’s speakers you are referencing made by hand? I have a pair of SF III and the craftsmanship is fantastic they fit into my living space like fine furniture.  
What speaker – under $10k – has the best timbre and tonal qualities?
DAC Choices - $5,000 to $7,000
PS audio Direct Stream they release software updates that keep your equipment current and up to date 
What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W
Leave you Pass Lab amps ON. I have heard of a sound studio left theirs on for over 20 years without a failure of any kind. You may find a nice integrated amp but will probably not sound as good as Pass equipment. 
The Synergistic Research Orange Fuse ... Further thoughts.
Need a little help if I purchase orange fuses in what order should I replace them for the best bang for the buck and a few words on why. Would it be AMP first then the preamp DAC phono stage?I have a BHK 250             BHK Pre             Perfect... 
Monster Regret!!
I had the largest unit Monster made don't recall the model number but it was almost 100 lbs. Had a large red LED display, it  was in my opinion a glorified surge protector. If you got a power spike it would in most cases save your system but fry i... 
Which is the most important part of a stereo system?
You hear people say the source? But you also hear people say the speakers. I was a press photographer in College and it's the lens that captures the image on film talking 35mm here. The better the lens the better the image. The body of the camera ... 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Prima Luna for the money nothing better you don't have to worry about a tube if it goes bad easy to identify. Also they are very hard to find used people don't give them up. Should tell you something. 
Which is the most important part of a stereo system?
It is the SPEAKERS it's an oversimplification this is where the sound comes from. Paul at PS Audio states the same thing.  If you upgrade your speakers you will hear an improvement that should be significant.If you take a $300 streamer and $3000 s... 
The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
Larsa39After reading all of theses response how can you question that this company is legit? You spoke with a person on the phone, they have an expensive webpage. Now you might not have liked the service you received. But legitimacy does not appea... 
The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
I have purchased and sold a number of items my last purchase was a new PS Audio P 20 a few weeks ago.I had originally purchased a P15  and needed a larger unit.This is one of the best companies I have worked with they are very knowledgeable and wi... 
Pass Labs and Fuses
DavidI have never heard that Pass Labs suggests that you keep their Amps on 24/7. I have an old X250 would you recommend doing the same and why?Please advise  
Pass Labs or Devialet
I have said this before Pass Labs will work on almost any equipment that they  have ever manufactured. Some of the Best customer service in the industry fixed right the first time.  I have also had the same service from PS Audio from Paul, his son... 
Preamp recommendation
You can find some great prices on Arcam right now on multichannel amps right now the line is changing  
Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?
PS Audio power 15 generator really a power amp. Had the Audioquest Niagara 5000 traded it in for the PS audio unit.Takes much out much more THD without robbing my system if it’s sound like the Niagara did. (In my opinion the 5000 was a very expens...