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I have had a VPI Aries in my system for about 2 years now,I upgraded from an older Linn LP 12. When I auditioned the Aries I also listened to the TNT 111. They both had the same arm and cartridge(JMW 10inch and a Grado Reference)To my ears they ha... 
Where to buy LPs online?,,, Good luck. 
Amps and Women
I practice Occupational Medicine at a large metro hospital and provide occupational services to employers. Many of my patients are exposed to noise and have noise induced hearing loss. We always perform baseline audiograms and if they work in an a... 
Amps and Women
There is no genetic base that woman have better hearing than men. I agree that they may listen differently than men but physiologically we hear the same. Critical listening is a learned process. While I also ask my wife to listen, in the final ana... 
Amps and Women
Sorry for the typo, I meant to say that woman don't intrinsically better than MEN,(not me) Thanks 
Amps and Women
Woman do not intrinsically hear better than me. Men are much more apt to suffer hearing loss because of occupational exposures to noise, exposures to guns,loud music ect, also exposures to lawnmowers, weed eaters, saws and other power equipment. I... 
What is the best AES/EBU?
I have tried a number of digital cables between my transport and dac and found the Tara Labs RSC Master Generation 2 to work the best in my system. Good luck. 
DAC with HDCD function under usd1000
I would also consider PS Audio Ultralink 11/HDCD, excellect sounding, former class B Stereophile. Sold new for 2200.00 used prices 500-750.00. Good luck 
Reel to Reel: Treasure or Trash?
I have had reel to reels in my system since the mid 60's. I still enjoy the wonderful analog sound they produce. I also have a DAT and CDR for digital. While the DAT and CDR make exact copies of digital I think something is lost when you use analo... 
Wanted: Exceptional preamp w/remote
Avguygeorge the review of the Placette Remote is in the August/September 1999 issue#119 page 79 of The Absolute Sound. There is also a review on, June 1999. By the way Kitch29 there was a 1000.00 "stud fee" to mate the placette ... 
Wanted: Exceptional preamp w/remote
I have a CAT preamp with phono, it is by far the best preamp and phone stage I have heard in my system. I became tired of always getting up to change the volume. I read a review in The Absolute Sound on the Placette Remote Control. I bought one wi... 
Best Phono stage under $1200? Audiomat?
I would also look at the EAR 834 tubed phono stage. It's mm/mc small and has a wonderful sound with enough gain for even low output mc. Good luck. 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
1. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of rhe Moon Tour 2. Jethro Tull-Thick as a Brick tour 3.Rolling Stones- 1965 American tour 4.The Who- 1968 American tour 5. Bob Seger-Night Moves tour. 
space above amp in rack for cooling
You may want to consider placing the amp on the floor on an amp stand next to or even behind your rack. Good luck. 
Hidden Audiophile Classics
Gene Ammons "Boss Tenor" JVC XRCD