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Opinions on Placette passive pre
I have a CAT preamp and wanted to try a remote control. Other CAT owners talked about the Placette Audio unit. I contacted Guy Hammell at Placette and ordered their volume control unit with a 30 day trial. The CAT is one of the most transparent pr... 
interconnect for CAL delta/alpha pair
I had the same digital front end before I upgraded to Classe. I would use the balanced or the AT&T and avoid the optical. I used both in my system. A excellent AT&T cable was the PS Audio and a good balanced cable match was Tara Labs. You ... 
Alternatives to speaker spikes?
The Absolute Sound ran a review using Vibrapods under speakers with excellent results(Von Schweikerts).Also had similar reviews. I haven't tried them under speakers but they seem to offer some benefit under other components. 
I have tried power cords up to 500.00 and found that LAT International cords are giant killers. You can buy 2 for 200.00. In my system, the more expensive cords were only marginally better(if at all) Good luck. 
Best Interconnects for under $300 pair
I would look at Nordost Red Dawn or Blue Heaven. Both excellent cables at their price points. 
Loose RCA connectors on CAT
I have the same problem with my CAT Mark 111. I finally had to go to innerconnects with locking RCAs. 
Best Headphone regardless of price
I have to agree with the above gentleman, the Sennheiser Orpheus is the best. I tried the Stax Omegas and the Sennheisser to me has the better sound. 
Best Power Conditioner
I have 2 power line conditioners in my system, Tice and the new PS Audio P300. The P300 is by far the best line conditioner I have heard in my system. I am waiting to upgrade to the PS Audio P1200 and take the Tice out of my system. The Tice is al... 
taking the plunge into tubes
I use to have an Aragon amp and preamp in my system. It was so bright I sold the preamp and added a tube (VTL 2.5 linestage) This helped, but in my system it was still to bright. I sold the Aragon amp and bought an Audio Research tube amp. It comp...