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Otomon Labs. Soundgate Japan
Apologies for this late entry into these more recent discussions relating to my original post from last November.I’m unable to add anything to the matters raised as I did not proceed with the purchase, but will follow this with some interest. 
Otomon Labs. Soundgate Japan
Thanks so much for this feedback. I've committed to a 2A3 and now at the stage of deciding on one of his parallel SE builds v's the standard 3.5w SE designs - more or less same price. I'm also going with a copper chassis. It will be a 12 week buil... 
Replacing Shindo screw type amp binding posts?
Thanks for the feedback. I've decided to try the change with Audio Note Silver Meishu terminals. They're very simple and have a relatively short post so I'm not adding a lot more metal.If I don't like I'll go back to a barrier strip. I've found th... 
Shindo Concertino 300b specs?
Thanks for the feedback. I've now taken the plunge and expect delivery tomorrow. If I need more info I might take you up on the link.Appreciate your help.Thanks 
Shindo Concertino 300b specs?
Thanks Swampwalker. 
Review: Acoustic Zen Matrix II and Hologram Interconnect
What a terrific (and helpful) review. Thanks 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 tube positions?
Dennis - thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.Peter 
Graham Arm on VPI TNT?
Thanks guys - I'll get into this and do some research over the weekend. 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 KT88 - biasing
Lucky enough to to pick it up on A/Gon from Singapore (240v) 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 KT88 - biasing
Terrific info. Makes sense now.Thanks. 
Audio Space Ref 3.1 KT88 - biasing
Thanks for the response - it's great to get this online help! So are you saying that "0" is the correct setting? That seems to make sense, but it's a long way from where mine were set. What tubes have you used? I'm thinking of Gold Lion, having ru... 
Zu Xaus or Furutech AG-12 phono cable?
David - Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. More for me to think about and considerPeter 
Usher Speaker Comparisons
Thanks for the feedback Semi. I didn't realise that the BE tweeter is available for the 729. Is it a proper dealer upgrade or a DIY job? 
Usher Speaker Comparisons
Good feedback. After a brief run-through the reviews they certainly appear well worth further investigation. 
VPI super platter upgrade with JMW 12.5
UPDATE ON PROGRESS - Had a quick response from Mike at VPI. They carry a 12mm 'sub arm board' ' as Cincy bob said. Only problem here is that it probably wont allow me to lower the arm so (as pointed out from Mike at VPI). So . . . I've rigged up m...