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Has Anyone Auditioned an LKS MH-DA004 DAC?
And this is with a stock LKS. Modified it is mucho better. Modded Oppo Sonica DAC even slightly better.....now I will finish the Oppo 205 mods.....that will, I am pretty sure, be as good as the Sonica. Good time for great digital sound without spe... 
Oppo Ceasing production
Oppo and most all the online stores are sold out of the 205.....Oppo told me there are no more coming. If you can find one now at retail, you are lucky. There are some 203s left but they will probably be all gone within a few days/weeks. Crutchfie... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
My favorite inexpensive footers are the ones from Mad Scientist.  I have not tried his very latest but the ones he sells for $200 (for three) are way better than the best DH cones into Walker lead pucks.  Some have liked these better than Stillpoi... 
Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz?
I will be doing the same mods to the Oppo 205 as I do now to the Oppo Sonica DAC.  Should be ready in about 3-4 weeks.  Price is $800 plus for the mods.   
Oppo Vs Esoteric
The Oppo 205 is way better than any previous Oppo.....however, it is still a stock Oppo.  No way stock will it compete with any big Esoteric or whatever.  However, modified it is another story.  You can see from my website what I do to the Oppo So... 
Playback Designs Merlot dac
Dragon_vibeI see you have a Merlot for sale on Audiogon.  Are you going upscale? 
Oppo Sonica DAC or Audio Research DAC 3 Mk2 & Sonos Wyred4sound modded
Another option is the mods I perform.....very significant improvement for $400!   
Dac: Does anyhting beat the Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) in the same price range?
Well, the Yggy is the Gumby's bigger brother.  A modded Yggy is better yet.  People have upgraded from Gumby to Yggy and are very happy.  But they have not heard these new less expensive toys.....and these better sounding cheaper units are more ve... 
Dac: Does anyhting beat the Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) in the same price range?
Wow, things change fast.  My friend got in the $1600 LKS MH-DA004 DAC and cold out of the box it beat his modified Yggy.  Now he has modded the LKS (with my instructions) and he says its as good as his $20,000 turntable system and that is playing ... 
EVS modded Gustard X20 DAC
Please feel free to contact me through my website: tweakaudio.com for details and you can call anytime. 
EVS modded Gustard X20 DAC
I have a lightly used silver Pro here (no usb board....but maybe could get you one, if you need....however, everyone feels the Singxer sounds best with usb).  $700 and already here.....can do the mods anytime. 
Dac: Does anyhting beat the Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) in the same price range?
Gustard X20 Pro (even without mods will beat any Schiit...including $2300 Yggy).  $869 delivered to your door.  Plays DSD and also has digital volume control.....no contest. 
Bryston BDA-3
I'd like to comment on this "sound of DACs".  ESS DAC chips have a sound.  Everything does.  However, it is not what is normally talked about.  What you are hearing when you hear any DAC is the whole shebang.  You are not hearing an ESS or Wolfson... 
Oppo Sonica DAC Expected this fall
Going to work up mods on this baby.  Will have mods from a about $250 dollars on up.  First person that sends me one to mod will get the mod at cost of parts plus $100.  Even a simple mod will make it sound way, way better.  I do lots of different... 
Audio improvement for OPPO 205
The power supply in the 105 has a switching supply for the digital section.  One of the things I do is change this to a linear supply.  This makes everything better, including the picture.  The power supply for the DAC system is OK but nothing gre...