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How Often Do You Listen To Live Music??
Prior to moving to Melbourne, Fl (a culturing deprive town) 2 years ago from Long Island, it was almost every day. My friends own a building and turned most of the ground floor as their rehearsal space with recording capabitities (26 x 48 x 12)and... 
SPL meter recommendation
There is also an analog SPL Meter made by Simpson model no. 886-2 and a calibrator. This is what I use. 
SPL meter recommendation
The Audio Toolbox Plus by TerraSonde is a handheld audio and acoustic lab (acoustics: FFT (1/12 octave), RTA, RT60, Energy-Time Graph, SPL Meter, Noise Criteria, Sound Study Graph; audio: Signal Generator, Stereo dB, VU/PPM Meter, Frequency Counte... 
No good new music?
For 2002 release dates I've purchased two this month: Sigur-Ros "( )", and Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Yanqui U.X.O.". Not sure about the release dates of the other cd's as they are at home. 
Special cable needs for phono
Phono cables should have lower capacitance (and better shielding) than regular IC's because of the circuit and very low level signal involve. 
streaming fm audio into system vs. tuner antenna
Check out CCRANE.COM they have a digital FM stereo transmitter which could be used for this purpose. I have one on ordered also a FM relect antenna and they are both on sale too. 
New to tubes-what the heck does NOS mean?
I like to second "thetubestore". I've been using the Svetlana EL-34's in my Marshall and Laney amps and E-H's EL84's in my 'class A' Vox and Laney all with great results. Other tubes purchased from this store were for Mesa-Boogie and Hi-Watt amps. 
How hot is hot enough?
Go to KESTER.COM see faq: alloy temperature page. (Sn: tin, Pb: lead, Ag: silver) 
Cable directionality
The cable will have two inner conductors and the shield isn't terminated to the ground connector at the source side of the cable. I've seen this illustrated in some pro audio books when going from ballance (xlr/trs) to unballance (rca/ts) terminal... 
Recommended female vocalists?
HEAVENLY VOICES a collection of the finest female vocals in ethereal, darkwave and gothic (CLEOPATRA CLP 0198-2). DARK TREASURES a gothic tribute to the Cocteau Twins (CLEOPACTRA CLP 0925-2). SEIREENIA another compilation (PROJEKT 94). Others incl... 
Best female vocals on CD
HEAVENLY VOICES a collection of the finest female vocals in etheral, darkwave and gothic (cleopatra). also A GOTHIC TRIBUTE TO THE COCTEAU TWINS (cleopatra). LYCIA (projekt)