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Potential upgrade path…
in looking at your system pics, and if you have that kind of money, i would look into adding a dedicated room.  
@thespeakerdude    agree with your comment and what is funny , is if i was to make that comment, i would get a ration of sh&t for it.     but i guess it all depends on the members that read it and comment .  
Downloading Audio from YouTube?  
so because they have their football pads / helmet on, that makes it ok to do ?  
What filter setting do you use on the Marantz Ruby CD/DAC?
I think these are subtle but I also think I like Filter 2 better.  Then i guess you have your answer.    
Please share pics of what inside YOUR power conditioners
@carlsbad    the link you provided only works if one is signed into that site  
Judas Priest 50 years heavy metal box set
that is what i was getting at without directly saying is that you already have the albums and can play those.   i personally wouldn’t spend that much money on something like that as it’s only worth what you can get for it should you decide to se... 
Judas Priest 50 years heavy metal box set
lets just say you do spend the coin to get this........once  you get it, do you open it and play it or do you keep it sealed ? or do you save up and purchase another one later on that you can play ?  
Plug Amp directly to Mains or use a Power Conditioner?
@motown-l    I left off some details about my question. I have read in various publications that an amp has internal voltage regulation that could be adversely effected by external power conditioning. did they mention what amps by chance ? w... 
Product life cycle
drop it off at goodwill and let it be someone else's issue .  
BTS's Jungkook releases song 'Dreamers' for Qatar World Cup
one day you might post something useful, but somehow i doubt it.          
svs pc 2000 pro review
@paulherry  how is this a review ?    all you do for pretty much all your threads is you copy and paste from the article you found.        
best svs subwoofer for the money
 you can copy and paste : )  
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
this was uploaded 4 hrs ago.      
Headphone „limiter“ on iPhone
but I also don’t want to destroy my ears. that is why it’s there.