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New HD DVD Player - which isolation device to use?
Are you trying to improve the longevity of the device?No...I'm just trying to get the most performance out of it for audio and video. I was thinking of maybe some Herbie's Iso-Cups with the Gabon ebony ball. Any thoughts?? 
New HD DVD Player - which isolation device to use?
My TV is a Pioneer PRO-520 CRT set. I'll be connecting using component cables which will supply a 1080i signal to my set. It's a shame but my set does not accept HDMI. 
Review : Salk Signature Sound Veracity HT1
Jim's email:jsalk@salk.net 
from a Krell SS- FPB 600 to What Tube Amp ?
Have you guys tried any of the Kubala-Sosna cables lower on their line? I'm wondering how they compare to other cables in each price range.Thanks,Rob 
from a Krell SS- FPB 600 to What Tube Amp ?
Slightly off topic but can you elaborate a little on the Kubala cables? There's not much information about them. Also what's the price range?Thanks,Rob 
Whats better then PS Audio P300? ? ? ? ?
Guys,I'm already using tons of power conditioning. I've got a Mini Stealth, Bybees, Shaktis, BC86s, and some ERS paper. I'm also using a conditioner with a huge isolation transformer(similar to the BPTs only it's not balanced). Would I further ben... 
Amp/Speaker selection help.
Ultraviolet,Point taken. Can anyone suggest a good pair of floorstanders with a small footprint?Rob 
Panasonic rp91 compares to rp82...chroma bug?
I have the RP91. It does not have the Chroma Bug. I had the RP82 for a short period of time and thought that the picture quality was very slightly better than the RP91. The RP91 has some scaling features that the RP82 does not have. I honestly thi... 
Does Panasonic RP 91 still have the best Picture
It's an older model but yes it seems like this is still the player to beat. I have one being used with a Pioneer PRO520 and it's really great. The only other player that seems to be close is the Panasonic RP82 but I'm pretty sure it's been discont... 
ISF Calibration in NYC
Kevin Miller - WWW.ISTV.COM He did a great job on my Pioneer RPTV. 
What are 6 feet going to do for me?
Warren,From my experience I'd say that this is all incrimental. I'm using a Stealth too and yes things do get better again when you upgrade the cable that is feeding it. I would not say that the improvement is as dramatic as when I first installed... 
Is it worth upgrading DVD to progressive scan?
If your set has a really good line doubler then there is only a slight difference going to progressive. I'd say the image is more film-like. I use the Panasonic RP91 with progressive feeding my Pioneer Elite. The Pioneer has a very good doubler so... 
Anyone tried the Audio Magic Stealth ?
On the Audio Magic web site there is mention of a new Stealth called the Matrix coming soon. Does anyone know what that is? 
Recommended Component Cable
I have Kimber Kable DV30. These work great. They have a couple of models below and above the DV30 which would probably fit into your budget. Check out their website. I'm totally pleased with the DV30. 
Do video processors really work on rear proj. tv's
I have a Pioneer Pro 520 HD. The owners manual states that any SDTV or HDTV signal will be up-converted to 1080i. From what I understand, 1080i is not the best HDTV format. I contacted Faroudja and asked them if the NRS sent 540P, would my Pioneer...