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Pioneer DV-47A arrival date?
Charles,It's under the tiny icon at the bottom of the screen it says "Press Room". 
Anyone do DVD player modifications?
How can I reach Stan Warren? 
Enigma "Love Sensuality Devotion GH"
Any new tracks on this disk? I thought the first three albums were absolutely fantastic. The fourth was a new direction, bad mistake IMO. 
Would You Pay to Listen?
I'd have to say that I'd probably try it once. I think the idea of watching a movie on an ultra high end video system would apply more to the general public. Movie night with a list of DVDs to choose from or say football on HDTV sounds much more i... 
Perpetual vs EVS millenium II for CAL
You can order a millenium. I doubt you will EVER get it. I've been waiting for my notification forever from Ric.