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Warmer sounding Solid State
10000_hz_legend... maybe everyone else here knows what you mean by “Having some technical issues with my Marantz PM8005 interferring with other gear in my setup.” but I’m not sure the problem you are wanting to solve. Could you please elaborate?  
Looking for a decent CD Recorder
I have the TASCAM DA-3000 recorder, and I love it. Records Hi-Rez stereo files pretty much like a tape deck. The quality of recording is excellent in my system. You could then convert the files on your computer and burn to CD if you wish. But keep... 
Cartridge recommendations
+1 for the Denon DL-301 mkII. Very smooth uncolored character with deep bass, and great focus when loaded at 475 ohms. And it’s in your price range.  
Vinyl System Upgrade Path Recommendations
@designtaylor Also very important... religiously clean your stylus per your cartridge manufacturers recommendation. Long story short, I ran out of mine and started using distilled water, which was not up to the task. I tried many time consuming an...