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TAD M2500 amp - Power Cord warning
@sandeepk100,Going by pictures of your amp I could find, your IEC receptacle is just like on my Luxman integrated. A normal 15 amp 3 conductor IEC plug will fit, but since there is no ground prong in the receptacle, nothing to connect and no modif... 
~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought
So @aj523,What did you finally choose???I couldn’t find it in your linked thread. Did I miss it? 
Is Anyone using the Aurender add to library feature?
Glad to help! 
Is Anyone using the Aurender add to library feature?
Just discovered that using the three dots button after selecting an album allows you to pick multiple individual tracks within the album, but not more albums.  
Is Anyone using the Aurender add to library feature?
Hi h,Don’t mess with the three dots button. Works smoother to do a long touch on the first album to get the pop-up menu. Then touch the “select multiple” button to enable multiple selection mode. Now you can short touch up to 9 more albums. They w... 
Recommendations for Blu-ray Player
Check out the Yamaha BD-S681. It has an Ethernet port, plus analog audio, coax, and HDMI outputs, and you might be surprised how good the internal DAC performs to the analog outs. For streaming, you can use a UPnP app like mconnect, or use the WiF... 
Lumin T2 burn in time?
I went with a $300 iPad since I’m an Apple guy too. That seems relatively cheap compared to the $1000 you were willing to pay for an IR remote. :^}  There are much less expensive Android tablets available, but I chose to stay with Apple to avoid t... 
Lumin T2 burn in time?
@xcoolHave you considered buying a relatively cheap tablet for dedicated use controlling your T2?  I really enjoy mine, and keep it propped up in view to see what’s playing. It’s always there when you need it, like an infrared remote, but so much ... 
Ditching Lumin T2 - Lumin U1 Mini or Bluesound Node 2i
If you are running the LUMIN’s analog out into the Anthem, you could try the SPDIF out or USB out, and set the streamer to “pass through” the digital signal to get a very similar experience to the U1 MinI or U1.  
Streamer Value Question Innous vs Bluesound
I have not heard the Zen Mini MkIII, but it has the added value of functioning as the Roon Core. Since you want to use Roon, you could start with it and build from there (without a NUC or other computer for Roon).  
MC Cartridge: Elliptical; around 0.5mv; track 1.25-1.75; Affordable
Count my vote for the Denon DL-301II. That is what I use, and I like it very much. My previous favorite cartridge was a Shure M91ED, which is similar family to your V15vxmr. The DL-301II is higher compliance than most current MC’s and more similar... 
Lumin T2 burn in time?
Ah, interesting @big_greg. Thanks! 
Lumin T2 burn in time?
@big_greg   How do you have the impression LUMIN is a part of TEAC/Esoteric? I thought LUMIN is a part of Pixel Magic Systems in Hong Kong, whereas TEAC is part of TEAC Group (along with Tascam & Esoteric) in Japan.   
Seeking a Tidal full MQA streaming DAC
I researched many many DAC’s recently, and the only one I could find that says it will fully unfold MQA through non-USB digital inputs is the Luxman D-03X. Of course the MQA Streamer/DAC combos typically fully unfold, but the connection from strea... 
Aurender's "Sound"
I have an N100H and just switched the USB cable from an Audioquest Cinnamon to a Moon Black Dragon, and the Black Dragon is much more warm/dark. Surprised me.  I concur with lalitk’s advice.