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Premium Power Cable Survey: The Results Are IN
     No one can tell you whether/how your system, room and/or ears will respond to some new addition.   There are simply too many variables.      LIKEWISE: no one can possibly know whether a new addition (ie: some kind of disc, crystal, fuse, int... 
Indispensable Tool!
                                       ps: HAPPY LISTENING!  
Indispensable Tool!
     The problem with naysayers isn't that they're ignorant.       It's they, "know" so much that's incorrect (OR: they're just stupid).                                Classic Dunning-Kruger Effect!      "Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridi... 
Indispensable Tool!
       PLUS 1 for the Irrational But Efficacious CD.        The White, Pink and Brown Noise tracks are also handy for burning/breaking things in, when programmed to repeat.  
Need someone to look at my Dynaco 70
     THE MAN to contact regarding Dynaco info/advice, upgrades or repairs:                  
Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?
     Too bad we can't gather around a table somewhere and indulge in the FESTIVUS tradition*.                                    Wouldn't that be fun?                                    *ie: 00:45 thru 00:60    
Happy Thanksgiving to All!
How long does it take your tube amp to warm up?
     When a system is first energized; everything from the source to the speakers is, "warming up" and will perform best after a couple discs are enjoyed.        
Blown Cap???What Else To Replace During Service???
     ANY electrolytic caps in the amp are subject to drying out with age.                    Not just those in the power supply.      Have all replaced and save yourself further headaches.  
Dynaco ST-70 vs Mark 3
     Joe Curcio was my go-to guy, whenever I needed suggestions on upgrading Dynaco gear, back in the day.                           Still great sounding gear, when updated.               
Better hearing
@czarivey -      Something to consider for hunting:,hand%20or%20your%20ear.       They enhance soft sounds by 6dB and cut the loud by 15dB.     ... 
How do you add color?
     Replace resistors with carbon-comps and caps with paper-in-oil, as much as possible.            If using tube gear; pick NOS valves, manufactured in Britain.           Always worked for the few customers of mine, that were so inclined.  
High Frequency Hearing Loss
                                  HERE/HEAR, some possibilities: 
What is the science behind audiophile fuses?
@britamerican -          Better actually READ the original question.                              EVEN, the TITLE: What is the SCIENCE behind audiophile fuses?        Apparently: you've overlooked the fact that the OP didn't change the quest... 
What is the science behind audiophile fuses?
            The only thing relevant about the last picture post: it’s representative of the kitties on this site, unable to understand or accept FACTS!                                                 PATHETIC!