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Looking for preamp recommendations to go with First Watt J2 - Under $1K on used market
My Manley Shrimp ($1000 used) is a good match for my First Watt F7, but I would love to try a Linear Tube Audio microZOTL 2.0 as a linestage ($1100 new) as many have given it high praise for its tonal character and flexibility. 
First Watt F7 owners, impressions?
Lowrider, the F7 controls the bass very well, no doubt due to the excellent damping factor. Mark is apt to focus on the sensitivity level rather then the impedance curve, and the gallos are easy to drive. See Srajan's response to my question about... 
First Watt F7 owners, impressions?
I have not, I rely on 6moons for those comparisons. I have had the F4 and Aleph 30, and prefer this to both. The Shrimp preamp I use is a good match, very low output impedance. There are others too but I agree it takes some looking. Worth the effo... 
Should I buy a Class A Amp.
There are lots of different class A circuit designs, but you can't go wrong with FirstWatt amps by Nelson Pass, if you have fairly efficient speakers. Reno HiFi will let you try before you buy too so you can hear it in your system. My F7 runs real... 
Amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars
A few years back at the NYC audio show the pulsars were being driven by a unison research unico integrated (model 50 if memory serves). Sounded excellent! 
Sugden SE CLASS A alternative? Immediacy AND definition under 3k 2nd hand?
Firstwatt F7 is an option, 20w into 8ohms, 30w into 4ohms with a high damping factor that controls speakers well (mine are 88db Gallos), $2500 new... A couple of strong reviews too if you value that sort of thing (I confess I do, makes for a good ... 
Preamp... Solid State or Tube
The Manley Shrimp and Jumbo Shrimp are nice tube preamps with very low output impedance and reasonable (11.8db) gain. I have a Shrimp driving my new Firstwatt F7 which has 10kohm input impedance, quite low so my tube preamp options were limited, e... 
Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
I have to say my Firstwatt F7 sounds amazing with the Manley Shrimp preamp, into 88db Gallo 3.1s, highly recommended! Listen to Nelson's latest creation if at all possible. 
Speakers for low power SET, nearfield, low volume?
I second decware, and my 2w superzen sounds great with the tekton lore and Zu omen. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I loved the Heybrook HB1s I had in the U.K. in the mid 80s, then in '91 went to floorstanders that I still have in my home theater, Snell EIIIs, now my two channel system uses the Gallo 3.1s which I love the look and sound of, which will make it h... 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
I've now got my favorite so far, Red Wine 30.2 amp, Gallo 3.1 reference speakers, CAL delta transport, Metrum Octave DAC, Kimber 8TC speaker cables, black cat and audioquest interconnects 
The best CD Player for the money
There are such good DACs in all price ranges, and decent used transports - you get the flexibility of playing both CDs and digital files. IMO it makes less sense these days to go the one-box CDP route. I just got the Metrum Octave which sounds gre...