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Quest to achieve live sound
Most of the musicians I know have lost their hearing because of those live sounds. I believe in protecting my hearing, so I can continue to enjoy music to a ripe old age. 
Maggies a waste if only 3' from backwall?
Your room dimensions are a little small for the largest Maggies and what do you plan to power them with? Maggies are known to be power hungry especially the 20.1 needing a very powerful high quality amplifier like the Audio Research Reference 600 ... 
Your First Vinyl Album.
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Wooley Bully 
Need some guidance
I agree with Soulbrass. Go to Kabusa.com and check out the Technics SL1200 turntable. Technics has sold over a million turntables. It may not be an audiophile approved brand, but it is audiophile approved sound. 
tube amp for ProAc Response.. need suggestions
Audio Research and ProAc is a match made in heaven. There is currently on Audiogon a Classic 60 for $1250, a D-125 for $1200, and a VT60 for 1050. The Classic 60 is your best choice here. I would not recommend the CJ. 
What next, after finalising components ?
Do you need a power conditioner? Every time I try a power conditioner it makes the sound worse. So, I can only assume I do not need one. The last one I tried was the Tice Power Block with an isolation transformer and Titan conditioner and they did... 
Pre and power amp for Vandersteen 3A Signature?
Audio Research will give you the best sound with Vandersteen speakers. 
Top of the line old technology VS Newer technology
Marketing for CD players is all about numbers. There really isn't anything else to talk about with CD playback and the prices aren't getting any cheaper. In order to get better sound than you have now you will have to spend a lot more than you did... 
Tubes vs. solid state.
Adjusting from tubes to solid state is like adjusting from electrostatic to dynamic speakers. It seems all solid state designers are trying to make their amps sound more tube-like. Solid state and hybrid equipment does take a long time to warm up,... 
B&W vs Vandersteen?
I have owned both and I can say from experience the B&W is the better speaker especially if you are considering the 801 or 802. The signature series Vandersteens have better matched drivers and crossover parts like the speakers Richard Vanders... 
When did you ever hear a system sound so life-like
I heard that sound from B&W 801 speakers with Levinson 20.5 pure class A monos. It was a big sound and it moved air like real instruments do, but it was a very large room and large rooms give big sound if you have the right system and enough p... 
Dynaco PAS 2 value and difference to PAS 3?
Again, there is no need to bypass the tone controls on the Pas 3x because the tone controls are bypassed when set to the neutral position. The Pas2 and Pas 3 do not have this tone defeat circuit, so you may want to bypass tone controls on those un... 
Too Many Tubes?
The problem is with rolling equipment through your system and not having a system together long enough to really learn it. I think about systems I knew intimately. I could hear a change in the system by breaking a connection be it an interconnect ... 
Dynaco PAS 2 value and difference to PAS 3?
You shouldn't pay more than $200 for a Pas 2 or Pas 3 preamp in excellent condition. The Pas 3x is a little different. When the tone controls are in the center position the tone control circuit is defeated. These are entry level tube preamps at th...