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Is there a hidiamond dealer in the USA?  I'm interested in their speaker cables.Thx, Ken 
Luxman DA-06 DAC vs Chord Qutest/Hugo 2
Thank you all for your responses. 
Luxman DA-06 DAC vs Chord Qutest/Hugo 2
Specifically why would you go with the DA-06?  Have you compared them?  Thanks. 
Popular DAC that is known for its warm-ish sound?
I really enjoy my Luxman  DA-06. Listen to it if you get a chance. It's special! 
Accuphase DAC-50: Glaring sibilance
It has certainly warmed up and is quite intoxicating now.  Lovely. 
Accuphase DAC-50: Glaring sibilance
Thanks Chayro.  I too was surprised to hear such a bright sound form my Accuphase E-550.  I'm hoping that after hundreds of hours of burn-in I will again hear my enveloping, lovely Accuphase music.  I will post here results after burn-in is comple... 
Accuphase DAC-50: Glaring sibilance
It seems that I have to wait patiently as it burns in for hundreds of hours. Hopefully that will warm it up to a much more pleasant sound. Hopefully...Thanks for your respnses 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
Terrible change.  
Help: Accuphase XLR pin 3 hot into XLR pin 2 hot? (no unbalanced avail)
Ah atmasphere, I like & appreciate your comment. Don't worry, yea. Once received, I'll listen to it as is, then determine if I need any intervention. 
Help: Accuphase XLR pin 3 hot into XLR pin 2 hot? (no unbalanced avail)
Thanks Al.As the balanced xlr's are pin 2 hot & pin 3 hot, I've located a polarity reversing adapter that I'll use. Seems simple & non-intrusive.http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Receivers/product/388-21750.html 
Scansonic mb serie
Thanks xti16. It's so difficult to buy speakers unheard. It becomes based on leaps of faith, and trust in other peoples hearing.  As you know, the MB1's are significantly less money than the XT-1's or X1's. 
Scansonic mb serie
Has anyone compared the MB-1 with the Raidho x-1 or xt-1t?  I'm particularly interested to read your impressions comparing  the mid's & highs. These will be very close to a corner wall, so monitors are what I'm looking for.     Thanks in a... 
Dehavilland 50A has anyone purchased one?
Audiofeil- You are quick to criticize others. Why do you not disclose that YOU are a dealer/tradesperson yourself? (Who does not carry Dehavilland) 
Your favorites amplifiers for their visual look ?
Marantz Reference MA-9 amps. And they sound phenomenal too. 
Ridge Street Audio Sason Owners
Dracule 1- I use two RPG Skyline diffusers behind my Sason's. As you know, you'll have to experiment with the acoustics within your own room. Enjoy the Sason's when you get them!