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Thiel Owners
Hey Gang, in case you haven't seen it yet, there's a pair of black PCSs that just went up here on Agon. Happy Holidays!  
new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today
@genesis168 wow sweet that you picked up an EMM Labs unit...let us know what you think about that piece and how it compares for the MA3 after getting some listening time :)  
new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today
hey @genesis168 what DAC did you use prior?  I'm curious to hear.  I also have the MA3 and love it :)  
Made Major Upgrade at $0 Cost in 1 Minute
awesome post and thank you for sharing this experience :)  
Thiel Owners
@jafant  you got it!  And happy Friday to everyone :)  
Thiel Owners
@jafant thank you and it's great to be back :) I'm running a Modwright preamp with upgraded Nuforce class D monoblocks with the Thiel PCSs.  Great combo with them and it's a very natural sound.   I pieced this system together a while ago and it'... 
Denafrips Pontus 2 Price increases
they are probably also taking advantage of the positive PR they have had over the last 18 months or so too.  Gotta strike while the iron is hot..  
Thiel Owners
jumping back on this thread as an original owner of Amberwood PCSs...they never cease to amaze me and I'm currently running them in a nearfield setup.   I look forward to hanging out with everyone here :)  
what amplification are you running with your Dynaudio Heritage Specials?
I've been running a Coda integrated for the last 18 months or so, and it's a great combo.  Coda has had a price increase recently, so new will be out of the $5k range but if you can find one used you wont be disappointed.    
Dynaudio 20XD amp module failure
would Dynaudio sell you the part directly?  If the dealer was marking it up this might help reduce the cost.   As you said, I would also be wary of spending more than 1/2 the cost to get it repaired!    
Node X
just found this thread and it's interesting to read the listing impressions included excess treble.  I felt the same way...out of the box there was a lot of treble coming from this device.  Over say 5 hours this softened and now, about a three or ... 
anybody upgrade from Dynaudio Special 40 to Heritage Special?
soundstage is enormous on the HS...if you find that lacking in your 40s, it could be worth the upgrade on this factor alone. Note: I think the market may have softened a bit on the HS, meaning if you can find one it may not come at the same premi... 
Amp to drive Revel 228Be and have some fun (ideally with HT bypass)
hey @k-man1984 , I'm hoping you're still active here.  What did you chose to drive your Revels?  I've got the same speakers so I'm curious.  
Customer service win
awesome to hear about positive experiences with brands :)  
Meitner MA3 Latest Firmware
hey @ayang90, how hard is it to upgrade the FW on these units?  Just curious what's involved here.