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'dimple' tweeter fix
I called dynaudio, they do not recommend vacuum cleaners, too much suction. They recommended a combination of scotch tape and suctioning with your mouth. Worked perfectly for me on a pair of audience 40's 
Best EL-34 Amps?
Air Tight ATM three 
Components that you regret parting with?
1) magnepan mg III a bought in. 872) Air tight 300b amp with original western electric tubes3) McIntosh 225 amp with original box and receipt 
Pass Labs XP 30 VS Ayre KXR Pre
No, the Ayre is do much more extended and you can throw it at someone without damaging it 
OPT question: AirTight w/ Tamura vs Marant 8B
I have owned four air tight amps, they are the best made products I have ever used, I think they walk all over the marantz, which in my opinion has value as a nostalgia piece. Hope I didnt insult anyone. 
Which Quads: 12L2 or 11L Monitors?
I have owned both and currently own the 12L2 in a bedroom system with an Arcam integrated and CD player. The cable is Nordost Super flatline 2. I agree with earlier comments that there is sometimes more than enough bass with these speakers. While ... 
power amp questions for the B&W 805d
I plan on buying a pair of 805 diamonds in the near future and will use an 8 wpc Air Tight 300B amp. The speakers are 90dB efficient. 
koetsu rosewood signature vs. Blue urushi
I'll get back to you on that after I listen for a while 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Pearl Jam Key arena Seattle September 21, 2009 first night of Backspacer tour. 
koetsu rosewood signature vs. Blue urushi
Thanks for all your replies. I ended up with the Blue Urushi. 
Shunyata Power Conditioner advice
I would always use the superior product for the source. Whatever qualities the source presents will be further amplified down the chain. Kind of like what Ivor T. thought about turntables. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
I agree with Chuck- VACs are very superior amplifiers. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Wavestream V8- arguably the best amp in the world 
Which Intergrated amp for starter??
Rega Mira at about 1395 it is a steal. Warm, rich and very musical, it also has p-lenty of power 
koetsu rosewood signature vs. Blue urushi
I'm going with the standard rosewood sig. I'll use the extra money for some nordost power cable. Capnbob. Are you in the sf bay area?