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koetsu rosewood signature vs. Blue urushi
Thanks for the advice. I have heard great things about the Air Tight. I just dont think it's in the budget 
Personal speaker evolution
Pioneer/centrex. 1976ADS 610 1983Magnepan MG 3a. 1987Avalon monitors 1997Avalon Opus 2001Piega C 3 limited 2006Quad 2805. 2011 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Avalon eidolon diamonds 
Personal amp evolution
Upgraded from an Air Tight ATM 2 to a 300B. My last amp ever. 
How does a beginner turntable compare to digital ?
I agree with many if the previous posts. Unless you have a good-sized record collection. This is not a great starting price point. The Apollo is a very decent player and cannot easily be beaten by a P1 with a cheap cartridge in your present system... 
Anybody own or hear the Wavestream linestage?
I've heard them. Very promising indeed. 
A phono amp that beats the MFA Magus's phono?
The 834p is a wonderful smooth phonostage. I have also found the Whest phono stages-especially used- are a great bargain -detailed,usical and highly revealing. The whest .20 in my opinion sounds better in my system than did the EAR. You cN also im... 
Maggie 1.7's?
The McIntosh amps that I have owned have insufficient current to drive any Magnepan. No balls 
Stand out phono stages
The Wavestream- way ahead of all the others 
Anybody own or hear the Wavestream linestage?
I own a line stage. It was purchased to replace an Air Tight preamp. I bought it from Brian at the Analog Room. It is built like a tank and is far superior to the Air Tight, making the Air Tight sound rolled off and non neutral. The upper frequenc... 
I just purchased a rega apollo, coupled with a
Quad 12l2- ABOUT 1000 and good sound for the money. You can also try a small pair of ProAcs 
Ayon CD-2 sonics? thoughts? opinions?
What can I drive w/ the 8wpc Air Tight 300B amp?
I negelected to add that I moved the entire system into a small 10 x 12 foot bedroom for the purpose of "helping" the amp. The Piegas 89db sound wonderful. 
What can I drive w/ the 8wpc Air Tight 300B amp?
Thank you for your responses- I am looking into Coincident, Omega, Quad, Sonus Faber, and Piega. I tried Klipschs- loud but too much of a horn sound. 
Quad 988 versus Quad 2805
I have listened extensively to both speakers and have an order in for a pair of 2805s. Even assuming that they are identical speakers- the 2805s are superior in their framing and bracing. It is like comparing Maagnepans that flop around on their s...