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A strange “snap“ or “popping” sound keeps interrupting our music
I had popping noise immediately when I had my new DAC. All things being the same, one would assume it was the dac's fault. But I switched to a better USB cable and the popping noise was gone.  For clarification, the popping noise with the usb cab... 
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
This statement will sound a little silly and not serious but it is a serious answer. Women like to talk. They love to talk. It actually releases endorphin for them. And to sit down and quietly listen, it really isn't what they're designed to do. ... 
Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet?
Power cables do not make a differrence.   Until you plug it in and turn on your components =D  
Interesting Power Cable Experience
@dill I've done it too. At one point I only had 1 power cable. The issue was it sounded much better on the DAC than it was on the amp. So there were occasions where I purposely left said upgraded cable on the amp with the intention of forgetting a... 
Goodbye Everyone
@elliottbnewcombjr I've started selling/buying locally via USAM and the experience has been all positive. Had a nice gentleman over listening to my system and the tube amp that I was selling to him. We listened for an hour even though the room was... 
Interesting Power Cable Experience
@dill I am quite glad I started experimenting with power cables. Quite easily the cheapest improvement to the system I've ever had. On par with a center rug.   
Songs with excellent advice?
I read this thread, had the perfect song but couldn't remember the title so I left. Now I remember and am back. Here's the song Tom MacDonald - "Brainwashed" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCBNwGHPZ2M&ab_channel=TomMacDonald  
Harry Belafonte passed......
@rok2id I'm not familiar with this kind of genre but g'damn that was a good listen.   
Opinions on speaker upgrade choices
@jimfinn2112 Do you like the Ascend with the Raal? Are you aware of the new version? It's called the ELX, at around $5,300. It seems to be quite a substantial overall upgrade.   
Interesting Power Cable Experience
I think I made a thread with literally the same title as this one 🤣  
Goodbye Everyone
Hi @elliottbnewcombjr  We've talked via PM a few. And it's sad to see you go but no party lasts forever and I hope whatever you do, you find more joy. But I advise against joining AVS, haha. Not kidding.  I think the issue you have with this sit... 
I was happy with my system for 30 years; now I need a new amp...and more?
If you can sell everything and overstretch your budget, and buy nice quality speakers that can make you very happy, everything complete in 1 package. Look at the Kef Ls60. Shop around, see if you can snatch a good deal from a dealer. Economy is ba... 
I was happy with my system for 30 years; now I need a new amp...and more?
While someone with a bigger budget buying lots of things at once can have an easier time. For you with relatively small budget buying many things I would recommend the Kef LS50 WIreless 2. This is the active version of the Ls50 Meta.    But amp ... 
The "audiophile gear" I REALLY need is a damn house.
The headphone recommendation is really great for 2 reasons.  1) no room reflection. What you hear is just music.  2) very easy to get 100+ db. Some really good headphones like the Meze Empyrean, maintains full composure regardless of volume.   
Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k
I have to clarify that I own the BMR towers and while very good and technically marvelous and a good recommendation to most people, whether it be the bookies or the towers. I just like the Goldenear BRX bookies that I had quite a bit more. The Go...