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How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
Put a big ass "DO NOT TOUCH or COME NEAR" sign. Imo some of the actions by the guests you mentioned are just rude, adults should know better. But my experience suggests some people just love to touch at things that are new to them.  This hobby a... 
Synthesis Amplifiers: One of High End's Best Kept Secrets?
Hey if you're trying usb cables. Look into the BMC usb1 (active) cable.   
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
Hi this is a little different but also on the path of what you’re asking. Look into the Sonnet Morpheus DAC and the BMC Ultradac. both around $3,200. They have very interesting pre-amps in there. The Morpheus is a very special dac with pre-amp tha... 
Power cords known to produce good bass
The term good bass can be quite vague, to some people this means more bass. To some people this means less bass because it's more controlled, it starts and stops quicker.    So think about what it means to have better bass and then hear for that.   
An interesting experience with power cable.
I meant active usb1 =P  
An interesting experience with power cable.
@ghdprentice Hi GHD, please read the above post as it has some information you're asking about.  I have the BMC S1 amp that I absolutely adore, gorgeous to look at and still seem to have more to offer with its designated DAC. BMC also sells a pow... 
An interesting experience with power cable.
@boomerbillone Thank you. I'm gonna say something related. I have known the BMC audio brand for less than a month and I have massive respect for the brands and the products they make. I own their amp. Their USB1 (active) cable is also highly prais... 
An interesting experience with power cable.
@jond I agree, that's what I suspected too.   @macg19  I bought these. Super affordable.     
An interesting experience with power cable.
@williewonka  Thanks for the plate of knowledge and the effort you gave. I've saved Audio Envy into my audio log book.   
An interesting experience with power cable.
@carlsbad  Those tube amps can draw a lot of power don't they.  I believe mine is 8 gauge, not sure. it says "8AG" idk what that is.   @audphile1 I've never heard the difference with cable break-in but I don't refute the idea. Mine is probably ... 
An interesting experience with power cable.
@carlsbad That is possible. I do have a monster of an amp in terms of size. 90 lbs and it has a 2,000 watts toroidal transformer in the supply or something like that. I suppose that’s a lot. One thing I have to note is with the new cable into the... 
Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
Finally I finish reading this thread. Thank you to Ralph and the others that contributed positively.   
Wiggle kt170 base
Long story short. The culprit is actually 1 of the nos preamp 717A tube I bought last month in pair. I've reversed those 2 tubes and the hissing has migrated to the left channel. I've taken those tubes out entirely and replace with something else ... 
Wiggle kt170 base
Hi fellas,   That orange/red base at the very bottom is very slightly wiggly from the metal part. I've tried to adjust all the tubes randomly and the hiss/static is still there but very low db now. Like those old tvs when the channel has no sign... 
Mid-fi tube vs high-end SS
@elliottbnewcombjr  I think you were talking to me about my speaker/amp and location? I live in Boston. It's an unlikely trek from NJ but if opportunity arises, I'd  to have you over and talk some audios and listening to whatever songs come to min...