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The best acoustic guitar recordings??
I would recommend Pavlo "Fantasia" Excellent CD great sonicsFor latin...Luis Villages "cafe ol'e" and Oscar Lopez 
Longest continuous playing songs
Arnold,I have the APP-Tales of Mystery and Imagination ( one of those $100.00 gold ones ;-), this is one of my favorites, due to the fact, that its like a story book. I expect, I will query this too in the future.Thanks for the suggestions!Steve 
Your First Concert was.....
Black Sabbath & Blue Oyster Colt in 1980 or so, I was so wasted, I still don't remeber much of it, LOL, Did bring home a drum stick though, still got it somewhere. 
Longest continuous playing songs
Yes, some albums, play continuously without interuption between songs(lasting 15+ minutes), while the table of contents lists 3-6 song titles, other albums just have one song title and lasts 20+ minutes. its not neccessary the song length...I like... 
Longest continuous playing songs
Thanks everyone, just as a clarification, when I said "the group of songs" I meant where one song leads to another, not where songs are stacked by a player and play with no break in between.Right now I have been listing to QMS - Happy Trails, I li...