Responses from schubert

Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Sophia Baby Elecric integrated under $500 new.On any speaker about 92 in-room efficency sounds as good as my son's 10K worth of Lamm-I kid you not. 
Tube Audio Design HIbachi-II amps with Maggie 1.6?
My 1.6's sound best with a hot-rodded Hafler 500 putting out a measured 549RMS at 4 ohms ! 
Best format for SteelyDan...
Trash Can . 
are audiophiles different than non audiophiles ?
Of course,if you did not have a personality inclined towards perfectionism you would not be one, 
Which receiver for better sound with vinyl?
I'd keep it the way it is,those old Nikko receivers were a lot better than most people belive.I had several. 
Best SS preamp $1000
Van Alstine SL 
Manufacurers I have known....
David Hafler was very much a gentleman the few times I talked to him at CES . 
Near Field listening
Silverline Minurets are nice. 
Want to improve sound of Silverline Prelude II
Mine sound great with Sophia Baby Electric,but Rock and Roll fans would think otherwise I imagine. on Bach or Brubeck Sophia excells ! 
Bi-wire Silverline Prelude II: Is it worth it??
Mine sound fine with single run ZU Mission and Cardas Rhodium jumpers.Better than Morrow SP-3.Straighwire Maestro,Nordost Blue,MIT Avt,Audio Anaalysis 12 or DNM Reson.