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USB Ext Sound Card Vs. Squeebox
Drubin,I have the same experience. USB is better than Wireless. I assume the wirless or even Ethernet will loose some sound quality. I'll try the Ethernet when I get a chance. Maybe USB has a bigger bandwidth. THanks for sharing. 
USB Ext Sound Card Vs. Squeebox
I guess most of you don't understand my question.Anyhow, this is what I found. Using the same DAC and setup, the Squeezebox does not sound as good as the External USB sound card. The overall detail seems to be lacking a bit. I am guessing this is ... 
USB Ext Sound Card Vs. Squeebox
I just purchase a Squeezebox. I will test to see if I hear a difference between the suqeezebox wifi versus an external usb sound card. Both of which will be using the same DAC (Ack). 
USB Ext Sound Card Vs. Squeebox
Actually, I tried the USB option before and it sounded really good. I'm trying to setup my system again and want the convinience of the wifi option using the Squeezebox. What is a boulder basic digital mod with a linear power supply? 
Maggie MG12 Tweaks
Ozzy, I was about to say something but I'm glad you did.Beernut, I also have the MG12 with custom stands. You might consider upgrading the crossover. I'm planning on doing that but it seems like a hassle. If you're interested, we can work on it to... 
Can DK design MKII drive the Magenapan MG1.6 well?
I am driving my DK with the MG12. They are a pretty good match. Plenty of power for the maggies. However, I am a little disappointted in the high. At time, it may sound thin. Needs plenty of warm up time. 
Need a Preamp Recommendation
What kind of music do you enjoy? What is the range of your budget? What kind of sound improvements do you expect to get? 
DK Designs VS-1 Mk II Drive Carver Mk IV's?
I am driving a pair of Maggies MG12. VS-1 MkII perform effortlessly. 
DK DesignVS1MK2 owners comments
I tried using Paul Zero Autoformer with the DK VS1 amp and the result was very bright sounding. I lowered the impedence to just 2X and the sound was still so bright to the point of hurting my ears. I then decided to use PS Audio Xtreme Statement s... 
Better SS amp than my Bryston?
I just purchased the DK Design VS-1. I will let you know. 
Anyone heard of DK design group?
I am seriously consider purchasing one on Audiogon. Is this amp ligit? I am starting to concern after reading all your postings. 
What's your profession? Age?
I am a software designer. 25 yrs of ageStereo system costs 3.5KHome Theatre costs about 2K 
CA: Audio club in san diego area?
That sounds fun. I am also from the SD area. Is the club open for anyone? Any fee? I have some background in web development in case you guys need a website.-Sean 
New tubes for SFL-1 / SFS40
I just purchased a Zero Autoformer. My system sounds more dynamic (much better bass) and the high is more focus.Because of the extended mid-bass, my system sounds more warmth overall. I just purchased 4 6dj8 Globe Amperex from Ebay.As soon as I ge... 
New tubes for SFL-1 / SFS40
Wow...this is getting interesting.Dekay & Fpeel, thanks for the link.Dtails, where can I find more information on caps? DIY? I'll do some research on AA. Thanks alot. This is fun.