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For those who always dreamed of owning a Nakamichi
I didn't realize that was ever someone's dream.  
Costliest Brainfart
@kota1 Your level of empathy is underwhelming.  
Anyone Tried Bybee's "Quantum Clarifier"'s Inside Your Speakers?
As Middlemass said a few years ago...  
PS Audio Aspen FR20: Planar Floorstanding Speakers
LOL Some people really overestimate themselves.  
Anthem STR: Why all the hate?
The STR remains on Stereophil's Class A recommended list, years after it's introduction. That should tell you all you need to know. And outclassed by Luxman??? Please...  
Are "Redbook Only " CD players Obsolete?
All I want is a player that plays redbook, SACD...AND HDCD (the best sounding format). But it won't happen.  
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
I have a VPI and love it. The only change I would ever make would be to a WT. The arm design is brilliant.  
You Can Get Rich From 'Snake Oil'!
The oilier, the more people buy into it. Witness these forums.  
Ruminations On CD Players
nonoise 10,308 posts 08-17-2023 at 03:24pm  @soix Oh brother, are you being anal today. I brought up what I see as limitations of a medium and you take it oh so personally, like I attacked you and you only. Seems to be a pattern *Riding out... 
Ruminations On CD Players
soix 7,193 posts 08-12-2023 at 07:35pm      Call me a "dinosaur", a "nostalgist" or even a "nostalgic dinosaur"; I enjoysearching shelves for a CD, pulling it off the shelf, removing it from it’s case and placing it into my Jay’s. Perhaps t... 
How serious are you?
I still can't see how this could be considered a "Hobby".  
Thoughts On Turntable Clamps And Weights
Short answer to the OP: No.  
I have perfected my network for the nth time
There's one in every crowd.  
The mistake armchair speaker snobs make too often
soix 7,151 posts 08-08-2023 at 09:16am  Calling kenjit… SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  
Why Do You Listen? A Poll Question
Type FFS if you think people start threads just to see their name in writing.