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Best Floorstanding Speakers Buyers Guide 2023 !
Hard to take that list seriously.  
A speaker audio journey over: Classic Audio Loudspeakers T1.5 Reference = End game bought B&Ws, so........  
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Mine were right under my nose. I've been a Maggie guy for years, but I wanted to change my room around and panels weren't going to work well. So I popped in my HT will never doubt the excellence for my Goldenear T1s again.  
Where to insert tubes while running a Luxman SS integrated
You could just buy a better SS amp.  
"Can You Lift Yours?"
I had a great integrated that weighed 90 lbs.  
Tony Bennett has passed away
6 people (so far) commenting. Tells yo all you need to know about the (lack) of appreciation for real music.   
Did I do a good thing or not?
I never cared for Shures. You might.  
Do Your Speakers have LEVEL CONTROLS or EQUALIZERS? (Vintage or Modern) ???
Any pics?  
Concerning high end audio names in new cars
The manufacturers that advertise  Bose (I'm talking to you, Mazda) crack me up. No doubt they're not going after the audiophile crowd. Too bad because Mazda makes great cars.  
Concerning high end audio names in new cars
spenav 389 posts 05-27-2022 at 11:33am  Aren’t you guys a little too critical? The Mark Levinson in the Lexus is far from being awful.  Thanks for correcting what I hear. Maybe you can tell me what films I like also.  
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
Mine is having it's portrait done.  
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
Surely the troll's belly is full by now.  
Help me upgrade my beginner system!
That sounds like a nice system. The BRXs are highly thought of. I've never heard them but I have a pair of T1s that are incredible!  
Jazz for aficionados
@curiousjim The Live record is a desert Island pick for me.  
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
So much nonsense from the self styled experts here.