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Are You a Swifty?
brunomarcs 240 posts 03-19-2024 at 07:35am  You mean to tell me she's a singer? I've never heard her sing anything and Candice Owen's says she's a psychopath   Thanks! I'll know to totally ignore anything you have to say now!  
Magnepan “X” upgrade program
abnerjack 144 posts 03-24-2024 at 11:34am  After years of poo-pooing the significance or various upgrades, Magnepan is now marketing and selling them.   Were they wrong all this time and finally saw the error of their thinking, or are they no... 
Magnepan LRS+ which amps do you use ? * 100 watts or less **
fac 120 posts 06-08-2023 at 06:08am  jbl l100 clearly beat that magnepan  ,, i have heard in my friend's house  ,,, buy  jbl  and sell magnepan,,  thanks me later I think the OP,  
Jadis Symphonia CD Player
Cd player
I love how some of you advocate screwing mean streaming.  
Integrated amp: Component weight
Not sure what my STR weighs, but i don't think it's more than 35 and it is superb.  
Warped record
Records are way too expensive to accept that.  
Dog pissed on speaker
Once it burns in, it will be better.  
Stuff You Tried To Love
Tubes. It's not the 19th century anymore.  
Stuff You Tried To Love
artemus_5 1,892 posts 03-07-2024 at 01:22pm  My Jazz albums / CD's. Especially "Kind of Blue" I've never been able to listen to the whole album because it puts me to sleep. I know one must be a jazz or female vocals guy in order to have an aff... 
Anthem str pre amp
FWIW, I have the STR Int and it is SUPERB.  
Anybody using the last record preservative
Punctuation is your friend.  
Short list of musical subwoofers
Gallo TR3s are SUPERB.  
Paypal drastic changes
I hate PP.  
Magico vs the world
Listening to my GEs and thinking how marvelous they are.