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Hostility from manufacturers
The only hostility I ever encountered came from Roy Hall.  
Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.
I can't believe I'm just hearing this. RIP and thanks for the greatness.  
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
I bought a Chinese amp years ago that from the company that in fact made Mark Levinson amps. It was a great piece.  
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges
Why would you want the Shure??? They are the polar opposite of MCs.  
Indispensable Tool!
Paging Mr. Barnum.  
"The Mystery Of Sound Is Mysticism"
And we have an early favorite for Dumb Thread of 2024.  
Vinyl is back for good and that’s exciting
Why pay for music when you can legally steal it?  
MoFi lawsuit
What a joke. People involved in this should be ashamed.  
What to ask when buying used speakers?
I literally haven't bought new speakers since the late 70s when I bought Polk Monitor 10s. I've never had an issue with anything used.  
Tekton Open Baffle Speakers
Buy Maggies and be done with it.  
What to do with a large collection
CDs are totally desirable to me.  
Did I damage my new amp
Saying this from unfortunate experience. Ears can seem distorted when subjected to excess volume pressure. But they will most often return to normal soon. Sounds to me like this might be the case.  
Stand mount speakers to replace Magnepan 1.6’s
Goldenear stand mounts are well regarded.  
Oppo Blu-Ray Players in 2023
soix 7,847 posts 12-14-2023 at 01:23pm I would like to start listening to CDs again Why??? Especially since you said you’ve already sold off all your CDs? Just stream through Qobuz and be happy. What am I missing here? Maybe he’s concern... 
"Hardly Used / Less than 100 Hours / Took out for pics only"????
It's also amazing how many audiophiles don't smoke or have pets.