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Music Hall CD-25.5 vs CD-25 w/mods??
I think that if HDCD were going to become mainstream, or at least more popular, it would have already. It's been around for a while.BTW, I love the modded cd-25, although I haven't heard a stock one. What did you end up getting? 
Music Hall CD-25.5 vs CD-25 w/mods??
I bought the modded CD-25 because I want HDCD. I have a lot of HDCD, mostly Grateful Dead. If you don't have many HDCD, and chances are you don't, then don't sweat it. 
Anyone know of an Electron Kinetics repair person? 
Eagle 7a amplifier...
Yeah, I know. :) Now I have to decide whether to sell my Eagle 4 or sell the 7a to finance an upgrade to the 4. 
Eagle 7a amplifier...
Is that bluebook? 1230 seems low. 
Has Anyone Owned Or Heard A Pair Of Watkins WE-1?
It just so happens I heard them today. I don't think the stereophile review is too off the mark, but the bass is deep. I was very impressed. I currently own a pair of Hales Revelation 3, but I can get the Watkins for less than I can sell the Hales... 
best amp / amps to drive totem mani-2's
I think bi-wiring doesn't do much of anything. Bi-amping, on the other hand, can be very beneficial. Tubes on top, solid state on the bottom. Sweet... 
Festival Express
Great stuff!!! Gotta say that Janis is amazing - you really get a feel for her. But the whole thing is a great postcard with improbable performers: Buddy Guy, Ian and Sylvia, Flying Burrito Brothers (WITHOUT Gram Parsons), etc.Might as well...Long... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"Loving Cup" Rolling Stones from Exile on Main Street 
Your auditioning music?
Paul Simon - Graceland, Negotiations and Love Songs (greatest hits)Steve Miller - Born to be Bluekd lang - Absolute Torch and TwangRickie Lee Jones - Pop PopTalking Heads - Stop Making SenseAnd whatever else happens to be in my rotation. 
Music that always ends up being played
Paul Simon - Gracelandkd lang - Absolute Torch and TwangGreat recordings, great music 
Best bargain find ever ?
A pair of Hales Revelation 3's from audiogon - $600. Not a complete steal, but a huge bargain nontheless. Let me tell you about the Marantz model 9's I missed for $100... 
alternative to speaker stand spikes?
Try gluing carpet all over a paving stone or cinder block. Then you can put the speakers on top of them, and spikes under the speakers. Works great for me, and your floor is safe! 
B&W Nautilus 800.....where's the bass?
I'd say it's the amp. Also, echoing what others have said, I find the B&W sound to be very neutral - you may have to "listen" for the bass moreso than with other speakers.