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What is meant by the term "B stock"?
I believe that it generally refers cosmetically, ie, there may be a minor scratch or blemish on the product. 
Your favourite recordings that everyone else hates
Patti Smith 
Dire Straits Remasters
Mprime,The good news....there aren't that many XRCD's;The bad news....there aren't that many XRCD's. 
Dire Straits Remasters
Where can you purchase SBM remasters, JVC XRCD2, and Japanese pressed CD's? Thanks. 
Have you tried any room treatments?
So far, my room treatments are:1. Three dedicated lines - 10 ga Romex, with PorterPorts2. RealTraps mini & micro bass traps & HF bass traps with results noted by DRAM above. 
What will be better?
Depends a lot on what your ceiling is made of. Generally, you want dissimilar material (absorptive & reflective). Carpeting over concrete, with a thick pad is very popular. You can ask many people at these web sites (Ethan Winer & others):... 
No posting from me for awhile
Tatsgottaha(sp) Albert.Have a great time! 
Non-audio related question about forum linguo
Rx8man,It's called cut & paste; not from memory - Ha!As far as "Woot", "DILLIGAF", etc.; - BTHOM, but CRAWS, IMHBCO, DBEYR, maybe we're DSH or SOL, but YMMV. C4N 
Non-audio related question about forum linguo
Slappy,Here are some others:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------4ever = Forever AKA or a.k.a. = Also Known As ANFAWFOS = And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors ANFAWFOWS = And Now For A Word Word From Our ... 
ESS and Heil air-motion tranformer - any thoughts?
My first "real" stereo, back in 1975, was a system with SAE pre-amp & amp, with ESS AMT-1a bookshelf speakers. I really liked them. As with most of them, the foam eventually deteriorated & fell apart in the late 80's. 
Besides Audio, what other ''passion'' do you have?
Flying: Power & sailplanesCyclingShooting pistol & bow/arrowTrumpet & guitarR/C model A/C building & flyingWoodworkingFine wine & food 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
Ya GG,And all stereos sound the same - Ha! 
What's under your Classe Omega, or other big amp?
Sound Anchor amp stand for my Krell 700 CX. 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
Merlin Extralight, AME fork, Dura Ace, Velomax Ascent, SLR, ITM Mill stem, 3T 199, Speedplay X2. 
Where R U?????
Hilo, Hawaii.