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Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
Spectral electronics were built to a different technical standard than most and featured a particular sound that was, and  is still largely is distinct. The sound of the Spectral amps of that era compare favorably to that of modern high speed amps... 
"All Things Must Pass"-Tower Records Documentary
Tower on 4th and Broadway was the meat in the sandwich between Stereo Exchange down the street and the Strand book store up the street. Spent more hours there than I can count. Also spent untold $$$. I still occasionally pull out an unopened recor... 
Some Musical Truths
you know, oh, oh that you're over the hillwhen your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill 
Who do you credit for your love of mucic?
My parents played music constantly. and they played everything--Tchaikovsky, Cream, Horace Silver, Olatunji, Dylan, Verdi, etc. My fascination with music was inevitable. I was kind enough to extend the same favor to my children. 
Monty Alexander lp recommendations
Monty's album Ivory and Steel: Jamboree is a tribute to his jamaican heritage, featuring a couple of great steel drummers, and some great jazz versions of famous jamaican songs. It also happens to be a great sounding LP. 
horace silver has died
Horace was a giant. Jazz owes him a huge debt of gratitude: He was a peerless composer of Hard Bop idiom; an inimitably funky pianist; and was an ace promoter of talented, young musicians. I loved how his songs always told a story. 
Great Saxophone Artists and Albums
David Murray - "Ming"World Saxophone Quartet - "WSQ Plays Duke Ellington"Bobby Watson - "Love Remains"Lou Donaldson - "Blues Walk"Stan Getz - "Bossas and Ballads"James Carter - "Chasin' the Gypsy"Joe Henderson - "Mode for Joe"Bill Barron - "Hot Li... 
Great Trumpet Players and Albums - recommendations
Lee Morgan - CornbreadThad Jones - The Magnificent Thad JonesWoody Shaw - Stepping StonesKenny Dorham - Una MasTom Harrell - The Time of the SunDave Douglas - Soul on SoulJerry Gonzalez - Rumba Para MonkArturo Sandoval - Trumpet EvolutionRoy Hargr... 
Underrated jazz greats
Horace Tapscott - a longtime mainstay of the LA jazz community was a piano player with a unique way of establishing musical momentum. His was the sound of inevitability. Lenny Breau - So much talent that it had to hurt. Calling him a jazz player i... 
Well, worst of is really what this is about
My Music Reference RM200 required service and I was loaned an Audio Research VS115 that my dealer was sure I would find an acceptable substitute. On the contrary, it reduced everything to a colorless and dull caricature of music. It altered timbre... 
It was 20 years ago today. . What was your system?
•Pink Triangle Turntable-Syrinx PU-2 Tonearm-Carnegie Model 1 Cartridge•Nakamichi 600 Mk.II Cassette Deck•Spectral DMC10-Delta Preamplifier•Spectral DMA80 Power Amplifier•Martin-Logan CLSII Loudspeakers-Audio Pro Ace Bass B5-50 Subwoofer•MIT-Carda... 
Cedar Walton RIP
Agreed! My wife and I saw him at Columbia University about 23 years ago. He was stellar, as was the band. We saw the recently departed Mulgrew Miller as part of the same concert series. Great artists, both. 
Best Jazz pianist
Phineas Newborn, Horace Tapscott, Bobby Timmons 
one last show
Art Tatum or John Coltrane Quartet (w/Tyner, Garrison, and Jones) or the Doors or the Sex Pistols 
Best rock bass player
Taking the liberty of expanding the rock genre to soul and funk would encompass James Jamerson and Larry Graham, whom I would guess influenced the majority of the great players mentioned above.